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Proactive or Reactive
by Fred Pruitt

We think of God as reactive to us. In other words, I act, and God responds, either positively or negatively, to what I do. Blessings and curses.

But God is not reactive to us. That is the silliest thing in the world. From eternity God has known everything that would ever be said, done, thought, etc., and worked it all together for good. In fact, it is He who has brought all this about, and not only is He not "reactive" to us, He is THE Proactive Agent of the entire universe.

All things are "worked after the counsel of His own will." That doesn't sound like He's sitting up in heaven waiting for us to perform well so He can reward us, or for us to screw-up so he can give us the just consequences of our actions. It sounds like He's much more involved than that, such as causing us to walk in the works He created specifically just for us from before there was an earth to live in.

One of God's names in Hebrew means, "He Who Causes To Be." When once you see that need is there in order to show the waiting supply, that lack and strain and confusion are the backdrop to plenty and strength and understanding quite beyond ourselves, we begin to see God not as the Great Reactor but instead the Great Proactor, He Who Causes To BE -- All things, that He might manifest Himself in fulness as the All in all of all. In the need and lack and weakness as well as in the supply and strength.

Instead of God "waiting" on us, it is we who "wait" on the Lord, and when His river starts to flow, we're right in the middle of the stream, because it is a river of His instigation, the river of His works, which are made real in us and we continually receive from Him the Life needed in each and every situation each and every day. Before we need it, the answer is there. Always!

It was no accident that Abraham's servant, who was sent to find a wife for Isaac among Abraham's kinsmen, just "happened" to come to the very well in the whole desert where Rebecca had come to water. And yet it was in the most common of circumstances, was it not? A hot thirsty man, just in from the heat of the desert, meets a woman at a well and she helps him water his stock. And she just happened to be the very woman he was looking for. An everyday event, yet it came out of eternity.

Everything is the same. Everything is commonplace, normal, having no visible evidence of the miraculous behind it. Yet everything, absolutely everything, is upheld and made real by that very invisible "miraculous" that is behind everything, and the Proactive God, HE WHO CAUSES TO BE, which means ALL THINGS, is busy eternally working ALL THINGS after the counsel of His own will and to His own pleasure, which is nothing BUT blessing upon blessing upon blessing.

The old covenant, the Law, is based on God reacting to us moment by moment.

The new covenant, the Body & Blood of Jesus and His resurrection, is based on we expressing God out of our lives moment by moment by the inner infilling of God so that we living are He living. We aren't "reacting" to God, nor is God "reacting" to us. Instead it is a flow out of eternity, and the only "reaction" is the fabric of creation changing and expanding as God's word is spoken through us His sons.