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Sin Consciousness vs. Christ Consciousness
by George Allen

HOWDY! Are ya’ll CONSCIOUS out there?

Conscious (def): awake and aware of one’s surroundings and identity

Now, this is where I live (pointing to Crowley on the t-shirt map) and you’ll notice that it’s pretty dang close to my heart. When I’m in Crowley, Texas I’m aware of my surroundings. I know how to get around, I know where certain stores are, where people live, and I know where City Hall and the Fire and Police Departments are. In Crowley, I’m pretty aware of what’s going on with the City, what is being built, who’s running for City Council, how they voted, what street is going to get fixed, when the new City Hall is going to be finished.

So, by the definition of conscious I just gave you I’d have to say that in regards to Crowley, I’m conscious….at least most of the time. But here I am in Louisville, Kentucky, and I have to admit that I’m not very conscious of my surroundings and later on tonight I ain’t gonna be awake to them, neither !

So, what is the difference between my consciousness of Crowley, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky? Just one thing. I live in Crowley, Texas, but I just visit Louisville, Kentucky.

And so it is with our consciousness of sin and Christ. Every one of us who claim the name of Jesus, either live in Him or we just visit Him. We either live in a consciousness of Mr. Sin and sins or we just visit there from time-to-time. If you want to figure out whether you are sin conscious or Christ conscious all you have to do is find out where you live and where you visit.

The dictionary definition tells us in general what it means to be conscious but it hits the nail square on the head in determining whether we are sin conscious or Christ conscious.

Spiritually speaking, what are we awake to? What are we aware of? What do we see when we view our daily life? When we think or speak what are we saying about our spiritual identity? Who do we identify with more – sins or holiness? God or Satan?

While being spiritually awake and aware of one’s surroundings and identity may or may not determine our eternal salvation it most definitely determines whether we live the victorious, abundant life or the defeated, depleted life.


In light of all the wonderful scriptures that tell us about our relationship with God, our security, our union, our oneness, our freedom in Christ, our righteous, perfected and sinless actual factual standing in Him, you would think that every Christian’s consciousness would be of daily thanking Him, praising Him and walking in spontaneous faith.

But…and this is a big but, a holy but… as we’re all well aware, the vast majority of professing Christians, including all of us at some point, somehow have looked past, ignored or avoided such scriptural and inward affirmations. Instead, we have focused on shoulds, oughts, musts, got tos, ifs and buts.

How has this happened? Matt. 5:8 says “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. Titus 1:15 says “To the pure all things are pure but to the corrupt and unbelieving nothing is pure; their very minds and consciences are corrupted”. The very first definition of the word ‘pure’ is “unmixed”. The word ‘corrupt’ is defined in one way as “influenced by or using bribery or fraudulent activity”. No man can see or perceive anything other than that which he is within himself and he applies to all others that which he himself is. * So, if we are corrupted we are influenced by a fraud –Satan – and he bribes us, entices us, deceives us, and all of this is by the grace of God – and we in turn act fraudulently towards God and bribe Him with our works to appease our consciences. * Ken Aston The Book of Life

But if we are pure we are unmixed, meaning that we see God in all things both the “good” and “bad”. Everything is now God in action no matter what it is. And that is a blessing because it frees us from guilt and condemnation so we can read Romans 8:1 and shout “that’s me!”

I want to describe in general what a person who has a sin consciousness is like vs. a person who is Christ conscious.

Sin Consciousness is that attitude, thought pattern and mental & emotional acceptance which focuses on evil, wrongs, mistakes, failures to accomplish, failures to “be like”, failures to accomplish “WWJD”, and otherwise ….sins. If I have a sin consciousness I’ll read a scripture such as Romans 8:1 “there is therefore now, no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus “, and refuse to believe it is possible that this means me. I judge myself and anytime someone is judged, punishment must follow. The way I punish myself when I sin is to take my joy away. And so I won’t accept Romans 8:1 as being possible for myself until I have gotten myself right with God* and so I get on the merry-go-round of trying to do good but find I can’t do it, can’t do it often enough, consistently enough with the right attitude, with enough prayer and the list grows and grows. Then, seemingly conflicting scripture convinces me that I have fallen short, my sins have separated me from God (even though I claim I’m a born again Christian) and I don’t measure up to the scriptural lists of character traits that allegedly defines what a Christian is or ain’t. *Joyce Meyers

My assessment of myself is mostly miserable and that God somehow uses me in spite of myself but “boy howdy, I’ll still have a lot to answer for on Judgment Day…I just hope He still lets me in the Pearly Gates; just a little corner just inside the gates where I can still smell hell but know I’m safe!” The prospect of Heaven as an assured promise is in great doubt if I have a sin consciousness.

As a result, I have low self esteem in spiritual matters which unavoidably spills over into my daily life of marriage, work and family, and therefore I live the most miserable life, certainly with little of the victorious, abundant life, the rivers of living water flowing from your belly…it seems to be a dry crik bed most of the time and only on those rare occasions of a retreat or Gospel meeting or revival which suddenly recharges my batteries and fills me full of Christ again, will a semblance of a crik, but certainly not a river, flow from my belly.

Oh, by the way, you know there is an old saying that” everything is bigger in Texas”…well, don’t you believe it. Down in Texas we call what we have “rivers” but when I come up here I see real rivers which makes ours look like criks.

At its base, Sin Consciousness is Satan, the spirit of error, still occupying the mental faculties, though in truth, if the person is born again, Satan occupies no part of his spirit, the real person, but a sin conscious person does not, in fact cannot, see that. Sin Consciousness is Satan still enthroned.

Folks, I didn’t just describe you. I described myself as I used to be. If you saw yourself in it, well I feel sorry for you and thank God that He’s either delivered you or is in the process of delivering you.

Christ Consciousness is, in the short explanation, the opposite of Sin Consciousness. People with a strong consciousness of Christ in their life, as their life, know that the promised hereafter is a certainty for them, even if they have “slip ups”, lapses in judgment or flat out sin. The amount of time they dwell on these is short and does not affect their belief or faith in the long run.

People with a Christ Consciousness see themselves as assets for God rather than a liability. Those with a very strong Christ consciousness see even farther than that; they see Him in them, as them doing the work and speaking the words. They see themselves as dead yet alive in Christ.

These people know that any river which flows from them is really Christ flowing from them. They understand that the abundant life is here and now and that it is not dependent upon circumstance or power or position or wealth or the lack of any of these. The abundant life for these people is one thing only – Christ – and if they have Him they have it all. Peter Lord, a pastor from Titusville, Florida says: “If you have the Blesser you have all the blessings, if you have the Giver you have all the gifts, if you have the Lover you have all the love”.

At its base, Christ Consciousness is Christ, the Spirit of Truth, occupying all of the human person, spirit, soul and body. It is Christ enthroned.

I want to pose a question to you: How will we, who have some degree of Christ Consciousness, view those who have a Sin Consciousness? Or those with less of a Christ Consciousness than you? As somehow bereft of the intelligence to grasp Christ Consciousness? As too stubborn to drop one and pick up the other? As belligerent? As a martyr? Or shall we look upon them with pity as if they just don’t get it and somehow we are better than they? I submit to you that if we view them as such we may want to reassess our own level of sin consciousness for to see such attributes in anyone else is to see double, to see evil.

Those who are still walking in sin consciousness are no less saved, no less used by God, no less His vessel, no less Christ in human form than we. So what is the difference? God Himself is that difference. In ‘we’, God has found purpose and use in ‘we’ being “awake and aware of our surroundings and identity”, our calling, our life. In ‘they’, He has found purpose and use in ‘they’ not knowing, not being “awake and aware of their surroundings and identity”, their calling, their life. We must see them as equal brothers and sisters for they are, as equal heirs, for they are, as equal Christ, for they are. He is their life as well as ours. In Him ‘they’ live and move and have their being, as well as ‘we.’

“But it’s so frustrating to deal with these people!!” Yes, and at one time we were ALL one of “these people”. But by Grace, Christ in His form of various people, be it Norman or Dan or DeeDee or Fred or Judy or Luli or John or some other person, obscure or well known, who walks in Union understanding and Christ Consciousness, took all the time needed, answered all the questions many times, loved completely, spoke sweetly, spoke firmly, spoke harshly, sometimes kicked our spiritual ‘arse’, gave away books, affirmed and reaffirmed, and never stopped seeing others as anything less than Christ.

I Cor 8:9-13, says that we who have a greater understanding of Christ Consciousness and a greater freedom than those who are mainly Sin Conscious, that it is we who have the greater burden of not allowing our freedom to be a stumbling block to those who are weaker.

So we who walk this life with a Christ Consciousness would do well to ‘test the spirits’, and here is the test: Do we see Christ in all? If we can’t answer that with a 100% “yes”, then we still harbor some degree of Sin Consciousness.

But here is the real kicker to it all. Whether we are suffering or are in bliss, whether we are abased or abound, whether we are in want or in bounty, whether we understand all or understand little, whether we are more awake and aware to sin than Christ, it is none-the-less Christ in me, as me. No matter where we are in our walk, totally Sin Conscious, totally Christ Conscious or somewhere in between, it is Christ in His you form & me form and He has us right where He wants us, whether it’s in Louisville, Kentucky or Crowley, TEXAS…………………..Yee-haw!