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No Imputin' Among Friends!
by Fred Pruitt

How do we view ourselves? Are there those of us, who by looking at ourselves just as if we were alone in our humanity, who think we are justified by our behaviors, thoughts, habits, apparent motivations? Do we wince just a bit at ourselves and what we do sometimes? Do we find ultimate satisfaction when we look there?

No, each of us lives in "blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not inquity."

Wait a minute, someone will say, "I don't sin," while another may say, "I sin every day." But either way the Lord imputeth not iniquity. One way you get to not worry about it all day and the other way you figure by the end of the day the Lord will re-not-impute (for that day) and tomorrow is another day, when once again he will not impute. Either way no sin found by God. (That's kind of a big deal.)

Someone wrote me about a lady who has all these feelings of people never being kind enough to her or thankful enough to her, wondering how to fix her. But I thought, what if she never comes through on that, like those of us who have never "come through" on so many things?

If we have found faith for ourselves that even in our not coming through on some things, things that maybe we have prayed and sought about all our lives, that in this the Lord imputes no iniquity and we have even learned that He has replaced it by His righteousness, even though to our sight it STILL looks just like it always has, and that this very "weakness" we have struggled against and wished we didn't have all our lives has turned into the very dynamo engine of the power of God flowing out of us, then we can find this lady "not guilty," too, and as the reluctant prophet said, "He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob, neither hath he seen perverseness in Israel: the LORD his God is with him, and the shout of a king is among them." (Num 23:21).

This is the way the Lord shows us no judgment for others, by understanding in ourselves that He has no judgment nor condemnation for us, that all debts are forgiven, that the Year of Jubilee has been declared, that all the fields go back to those who lost them in bad times and had to indebt themselves to harsh creditors. He holds us not only NOT accountable, imputing absolutely NOTHING our way, but brushes that away with the wave of his hand and asks the servants to bring the royal robe to put on us, to give us the best place at the feast, to go out and kill the fatted calf, and to hire the Rolling Stones for our welcome home party if they're in town.

God is about love and giving "above all we ask and think" and giving to all men liberally and upbraiding not. "It hath not entered into the heart and mind of man the things God has prepared for Him," but it is "joy unspeakable and full of glory."

It doesn't have anything to do with the things God has let "hang on" to our lives since we have become His friends. Friends are not always interested in straightening each other's collars or checking for shined shoes. They rejoice in each other's company and delight to please each other by making the other happy and uplifted. They keep each other's secrets and confidences, and trust each other to be there when they need them.

Sure, they argue and know each other's flaws. One of them is late all the time. One of them talks too much and says inappropriate things at the wrong time. One of them has a hard time with math or is awkward around girls. Sometimes they even feel like they fail each other.

But none of that matters to them. They are friends.

We are God's friends. He says, "I no longer call you servants, but friends."

Being His Friends means we're in on it. We're in the clubhouse, in the inner loop. Regardless of flaws, warts, past, messups, crazy ideas, mindsets, bunny trails, wrong beliefs, weakness, strength (if there's anybody who thinks they have any). But regardless of ANYTHING whatsoever in our humanity, because of the Cross, NOTHING is imputed to us. We died there eternally, and another Eternal Life took our place.

The added bonus was we now get to live and move and have our Being in the New Life, no more in the Old, and therein find friendship with God, which means we are on the most initimate level with Him, being without spot and blemish because it is no longer the Old, but totally now the New, and as friends we are only seen and beheld as only friends are beheld, and now having this vision, it is turned outward to others and finds Christ in them and as God does with us, we impute no sin outward into the world. We declare all the world and all we see as holy unto the Lord.

Those who know by knowing and hear by hearing that God sends us to, will sense we have no condemnation for them (though they have plenty for themselves) and we impute no sin to them (though they find themselves guilty as Hitler).

If you want a certain flower to grow, you plant that kind of seed or seedling. If you want Christ to grow, you recognize His seed already there, and water it with the Word of Life and the Sun of Liberty, to coax it out of its frozen barren earth, and it will grow and become the flower you saw in your vision