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Christ in Life's Nitty Gritty
by Fred Pruitt

To a friend . . .

Dear ________,

I enjoyed our talk the other day, and I hope it was at least a little helpful to you. Sometimes you wish you had more than "words" to give to someone, but I trust the Lord to make "words" go where they need to go and to accomplish that which He has determined that they would.

I got to thinking how each of your adult children living with you are each God's precious in their own right, how each of them has God's life, though unseen by them I gather, coursing through them. If it is the case that they walk without God's light, (for you never really told me), and "oppose themselves" as Paul said, then that makes them even more precious as "lost sheep," individual in the eyes of God, and we know how the Shepherd leaves the other 99 to seek and save the 1 who is lost. And so we see how certainly that Shepherd seeks and woos your precious 3.

Each of them has their own life, their own path in life, that we see will lead them into Christ as their real life. And so they are each holy in that regard, no matter how they appear today. Christ is REALLY who they are, even if for the present they are hidden in the devil's mist and do his deeds. Even NOW God is working all things together for GOOD FOR THEM because we all say they are called according to His purpose!

We discussed in the phone call I suppose some options about what you could "do" about their situation of living with you, but I hope you got the point, and I want to reiterate it, that it matters almost nothing which path you take in regards to what you do about them living with you. The ONLY issue is WHO you are in what you do, and not the things themselves that you do. Do you see the difference?

You will not find peace of mind or rest in your circumstances whether they stay or go, whether they solve their problems or not, unless you rest in Him WHO IS PEACE within you, and He is that Completion and Sufficiency and Total Love in you NOW, without ANY regard to what your kids do or don't do, or what you do or don't do. Life comes out of who you are, not what you do.

So first things first, as Jesus said, "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God ... and all these 'things' will be added unto you."

You see, the "things" are the circumstances, the outer working out of life. When you see first the kingdom of God, you see that even in the worst of circumstances, even in the worst of what evil can do and does, or even in so-called calm times, times when we are not pressed by anything particularly threatening and all seems well with the world (I think I remember a day like that once), GOD'S KINGDOM is over all. Because the vision of seeing God is seeing Him, under all the circumstances, under the things of this life, in every part and parcel causing everything that is happening, good and evil, calm or chaos, to be manifesting His Love which is working together for good for everybody who has ever lived, is living, or will live, all at the same time! If this is so, how can we possibly give evil any credit for anything? For the very second "evil" raises up its serpentine head, the answer has been given before the struggle begins, and God by the Lamb has ALREADY overcome!

This isn't a trick of the mind or a pollyanna philosophy but what actually IS.

Now in the midst of that is you, being just yourself, just however you are, and that YOU is HE. YOU are EXACTLY what and who you need to be for your children.

I don't care how it looks to you, or to anyone else. I don't care if you look like a wimp, or take on the characteristics of those evil orphanage ladies in Shirley Temple movies.

YOU stand in WHO YOU ARE, Christ living as you. Period. Just say, "Well Lord, you've got me, and there is certainly nothing in me that has any idea how to be the perfect mother in this situation, or even if I had an idea how, I know I don't have any ability to do it, but YOU Lord have taken up residence in me your temple, and are now the Real True Self in me, and you live as me, so I just trust that no matter how it looks or sounds or seems, to myself or to anyone else, I am trusting that you are being IN ME the PERFECT mother right now today to my children, and that you are living in me as me in this world."

And so with Paul we say, "Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

All my love,