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Boldness, Impetuosity or Spontaneity
by Nancy Thompson

Even though we know we are “the righteousness of Christ” and we have ‘taken’ that by faith, training in righteousness is something that is a continuing process in our lives however; where God decides and in what situations that training is to take place.

In my personhood, I have been bold, rash, impetuous, wanting results without waiting, etc. That also included my mouth, saying things without thinking and some of those old ways of acting and/or reacting in the past have caused me and others a load of guilt and suffering. Now this impetuosity or boldness continued after I was saved and surfaced at times, mostly without warning. Of course, then, I was still living a separated existence from God, hoping He’d control my tongue, etc., and help me get of the difficulties I made by my impetuosity.

I remember one excruciating painful lesson I learned along those lines in my former self-separated Christian life. I was in a personal situation with another individual, and I wanted to see results in them, from my efforts. And I was taught a lesson. I remembered experiencing God’s “rod of affliction” on my back being hunched over and in pain and barely being able to stand straight. I had to come to the point where I said, “OK” to God; “you’re in charge of the results”. I knew God loved me and that the painful lesson was done in love for God does discipline those He loves. I remember confessing that I had been ‘trying’ to do God’s job, looking for the results I had wanted. In those days, I had my ‘laundry list’ (didn’t we all?), which I presented to God, expecting the results I desired, and not allowing God to be God, my independent self still very prominent. And we thought we were doing for God, yet all the while, we were still ‘doing our own thing’, expecting the results we wanted from our efforts.

That continuing course of action was abruptly curtailed and ended, when I realized my absolute helplessness before God in that I could not do a thing. And this eventually led to where I knew He was my life and He revealed Himself in me as my life.

Since then, I still have occasions where I am pulled out to where I think I’m acting impetuous or rash, but now the difference is that, I know it is God who uses the trait of boldness or impetuosity, which He put in me. And by faith, I trust He does use that for His love purposes by me to others. He loves others by and through us and, in our ‘right’ selves. He ensures that what He begins, He will complete.

He is the Master in the vineyard. He may cause us to plant a seed or water the seed, but God causes it to grow and flourish by His love and will harvest what He began in His good time and not ours. And we wait on the Lord, expectantly with joy, knowing, by faith, that He will do it. Now, we take it on faith, that any boldness, spontaneity or action on our part IS God in action, who opens the doors for us to enter by faith and do His most pleasing and most perfect will, without worrying about the results