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Seeing Christ
by Nancy Thompson

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven”. Matthew 10:32 (NIV)

Lately I’ve been having discussions with my friend about seeing Jesus in people. We touched on family members and/or friends and/or other people who don’t ‘know’ Christ, yet. We know that every person contains the ‘seed’, for all are created in the image of the Father, and Christ is the seed in every person, waiting to be revealed, Christ manifested in flesh in His sons and daughters for God’s glory. I’ve also been reading Norman’s ‘Law of Faith’, wherein one of the last chapters where he talks about this seeing Christ in others, circumstances and situations; seeing through to God.

We, who have had the revelation of Christ in us and know He IS our life, having no life apart from Him, begin to see Christ in others, whomever those others are, AS determined by the Father to show them to us. Again, this is something we don’t work up by self-effort, but occurs as the Spirit shows us and as Christ reveals Himself in others to us. In other words, seeing Christ in others is not a work of the flesh, but of the Spirit. I can no more see, on the temporal level, much less the spiritual level, unless Christ reveals himself to me in others and causes me to see Him.

I’ve pondered the verse quoted above, and, in the beginning, this verse was for us personally. When we confessed Christ to others, Christ also acknowledged us to His Father. This is the milk.

But there is the meat. I’m beginning to see something far deeper in this verse. By faith, I know we have Christ’s thoughts, His mind and all at His disposal. And faith, at times, requires boldness, something the Word says, that we can go boldly before the throne and ask for anything, by faith, and that faith will be rewarded, for it is His faith in us, acting to do and will according to His pleasure. Our reward, here in the temporal or in the eternal, is to see or ‘know’ by faith that our ‘faith in action’, ‘His faith in our/His action’ will be accomplished.

The deeper truth I’m beginning to see from the verse above is that when I am shown Christ in another person, whomever it is (i.e. the least in the kingdom), and I acknowledge that seeing, by faith, then Christ also acknowledges that faith, His faith, to His Father and who also intercedes for that person, in whom we have seen the Christ. It also causes us to have faith for those who do not and believing as a seed of faith, for others, when they, at this particular time, are unable to believe for themselves.

Seeing this way is a gift, a gift of revelation, for Jesus says that ‘everything hidden’ will be disclosed. Well, doesn’t that everything also include Him in everyone, as the One who identified with all mankind? And this identification includes the positives and the negatives. Christ is all and is in all, whether in seed form, currently dormant, or full-grown in those who know, by faith, He is their life and seeing others, by faith, fully grown, as Paul says until “Christ is formed in you” (them).

Christ as us seeing Christ in others. What a glorious gift He gives! Seeing Christ only!