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My Best Friend
by Nancy Thompson

Growing up through our childhood, adolescence and adulthood, most of us have had ‘best friends’ or a ‘best friend’ at various times; someone who we clicked with, someone with whom we loved to spend time with and to ‘be ourselves’. Sometimes these best friendships have lasted a while or sometimes, through just living life, either they or we have moved on. And we look back and have fond memories and treasured those times.

And I believe that the people who we clicked with most, were the ones who just accepted us for who we were and we accepted them. And some friendships may have looked weird on the surface to other people but it didn’t matter. And people met us or we met them in their ‘need’, which I think meant mostly acceptance.

As we moved on and life pressed in on us, and we made the usual mistakes (or what we thought were mistakes), did dumb things and then, we became shipwrecked and realized our absolute need for a Saviour. And in our desperate need for acceptance and love, He came through and saved us from ourselves, because we had become someone whom we never wanted to become, not knowing at that time, who we had been joined to (the spirit of error), the root cause of having us doing the things we didn’t want to do, but ended up doing anyway in his/our selfishness.

We were told and we knew we were born from above, and a new creation in Christ, all our sins had been forgiven and we began to love The Father, not knowing it was His Love that was doing the loving. But that was OK. Some of us joined an organized church and many of us had some wonderful friendships with other believers. But until the time when we came to the end of ourselves as Christians, we still lived in this dichotomy of ‘old man’/’new man’, being jerked around somehow, thinking we’re both holy and sinners, because of course our behaviour still exhibited that supposed ‘duality’. And some of us gave up, which was the best thing that happened to us, God causing us to ‘repent in dust and ashes’, knowing that “no good thing dwelt in me”.

When God revealed His Son in us as our ‘life’, and that we had no ‘life’ apart from Him, a reclamation of the land began, including a reclamation of ourselves in our negative thinking about ourselves, our weaknesses, and our failures. God’s strength can ONLY be manifested in our weaknesses therefore, we are not to despise those weaknesses, because they were put there by God for His purpose of His perfect manifestation. Eventually, we began to ‘love’ our weaknesses. His strength became manifested for we knew we’re only the vessels, empty pots; however, containing Him, who broke through.

When we know the truth about ourselves, in that we are only vessels, a form that manifests Christ, we do move over in our consciousness of that. And our weaknesses, which we believed were the ‘wrong’ parts of ourselves, become the most beautiful expression of Him. And we laugh at our weaknesses, not being afraid of exposing them to ourselves or other individuals, knowing that Christ is the perfect expression in that weakness. The hidden Christ as us “will be disclosed”.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I’m now just taking it for granted that Christ is living His life in me, in whatever inward to outward expression of His life is. The beautiful outcome of all this is that I’ve been realizing that I really love myself now for who I am, for who He is as me. I accept myself in all my ‘fullness’ now because of who Christ is as me.

In some peculiar way, I’ve become my best friend. Although, the truth of the line in the hymn “What a friend we have IN Jesus” sums up the reality of it all.