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Godly Sorrow
by Nancy Thompson

2 Corinthians 10:

“Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret…”

There comes a time when one experiences the groanings of the Spirit and Godly sorrow, which words cannot possibly describe. And this sorrow is God’s own sorrow, for those He has burdened our hearts with and whose burden we are carrying. This sorrow does not come as emotion expressed as fear, anger, weeping or grieving, but the sorrow is so deep within one’s Spirit that it leaves one immobile but standing deep within it. There is a complete deadness and agony of soul so deep that one thinks that God’s very heart is being pierced by His cross and that His cross so pierces one’s heart that it divides your spirit from soul.

This Godly sorrow is something not for us but for others. It is God’s own sorrow, so deep, so unfathomable. And to this sorrow, all we can do is go in our closet and shut the door and be alone with Him whose sorrows we share. It is sorrow made of silence. And this is necessary as the anguish and pain we bear to God, is the bearing in us of birth pains so deep for others, for whom God has sent this travail and sorrow for, to see them birthed of His Spirit.

There is a time when His voice is silent. And in the working in His silence is the beginning of seeing the salvation of the Lord, in others. Out of silence and sorrow, death and anguish, a new creation is birthed. And we are the vessels that bear the travail, the birth pains sharing in the sufferings and sorrows of Christ.

There comes a time in an intercession where all words fail; nothing is asked of us to do, but share the sufferings and sorrows of the Man of Sorrows, who wept for His Jerusalem, for Lazarus and whose soul suffered anguish. And even if we half-desired to escape the Godly sorrow that we are bearing we will not for ‘Thy will be done’. We stand for He enables us to stand under it all and we fellowship in His sorrows and sufferings, with groanings of the Spirit that words cannot express.

This sorrow is beyond emotion or feelings. This sorrow is birthed by His wisdom “for with much wisdom comes much sorrow, the more knowledge, the more grief.” Ecclesiastes 1:18.

But we know that after the sorrow, travail and grief, comes the new birth and joy. Come, Lord Jesus.