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Can Grace Cover Gay?
by Linda Bunting

To: Linda Bunting
Subject: Can grace cover gay?

Dear Linda,
My wife and I pastor a church in the gay community. The Lord took me down the road of grace over the last 15 years. I then received a call to preach that message in the gay community. This has caused me to be rejected by the evangelical community.

In our church of mainly gay people, we have people who have known the Lord for years and been rejected, according to the letter of the law, by evangelical and other churches. They have endured tremendous internal conflict, have tried in many ways to change their sexuality and failed and then felt unworthy in the sight of other Christians. Through all this they have never the lost the reality that Jesus was with them and loved them.

I teach no condemnation and a total reliance on Jesus to cause us to walk in his ways.

I realise from my reading that some 'grace teachers' or 'identity teachers' believe that 'walking in his ways' will mean a change of sexual orientation to heterosexual. I ask outright what your stance is as I want to be confident to be able to recommend your website to our people.

My question is, would you accept a Christian who is gay and is relying on the Lord for his righteousness? or would you expect him to undergo a change in his sexual orientation?
In Him,

Dear _________,

I love your spirit and ways toward your calling to the gay community. I cannot, however, give you a blanket answer to your questions that will satisfy you on my personal attitude or the web-site's toward gays. Have you even visited the site yourself? Why don't you go there and see what you think.

I, personally, don't think you can protect your people from judgment and criticism. Jesus had it; His own family wanted to have him locked up because he was appearing crazy.................calling Himself equal with God; tearing up the temple; going against the 'order' of the day; and eating and drinking with sinners..................I've had it; you've had it and the rest of the world has had it .............. so who gets exempt?

The web-site and I are not here to make anyone feel better or worse about themselves....
It is designed in freedom and how it is taken by its readers is solely up to the Holy Spirit inside themselves. Some may read and be lifted; others may read and be condemned.

How would I know which the Spirit will use in the furtherance of His unveiling Himself in His own body.

My ways will probably not satisfy you; so be it. But if I were you I would read it yourself and if you are lead to introduce it to others; do so, if not, then be free and let others do the same.

We are not the Holy Spirit in the sense that we can secure how people will take us.

Please keep in touch and I thank God for your precious heart, love and passion to walk where God has called you. I have the same in the place God has called me.

Lovingly in Jesus,

Linda Bunting