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God and Something Else
by Michael Daniel

Once upon a time there was God…and nothing else. And God was very happy because He was all there was and didn’t need anything. Then for some very mysterious reason God decided to make gazillions of things inside his self and nobody knows why but God. He made angels and horses and trees and dinosaurs and dogs and cats and mountains and rivers and lakes and bugs and especially people and he made them all inside himself. God made everything that was and is and ever will be and he made it all inside his very own self. It didn’t look like anything though because God is spirit and invisible and you can’t explain that because you just can’t. But there was gazillions and gazillions of stuff all inside his self and everything was all One inside God and you know what? It was perfect!

Then one day for some very strange reason one of the things God made inside himself wanted to be outside. He said, “If I am outside I can do everything for myself and I can be just like God”, but he really couldn’t. You see, when someone thinks that they can be another somebody outside of God they are just fooling themselves. But the thing went outside anyway.

Then one day for some very strange reason two of Gods kids thought they wanted to be outside. They thought so because the first thing that wanted to be outside told them that they could be really cool and be like God too if they were outside. But they really couldn’t because nothing can really be if it’s outside of God, but they thought they wanted God and something else so outside they went.

Now before things started thinking they were going outside of God, he was taking care of everything himself because everything was inside and happy and God was the boss of everything. Everything inside God just played and played in the playground that God made inside himself and nobody was mad or sad or mean and nobody ever got sick and nothing bad ever happened because everyone and everything was all One inside God. And nobody ever worried about anything because God was taking care of all the gazillions of things that he made inside himself and you know what? It was perfect.

But when the two kids thought they went outside, all of a sudden they became very afraid and were very sad and they began to cry and cry because they thought God was mad at them but he wasn’t. He just wanted them to know what it was like for them to think they could be outside of him and have God and something else. And boy, were those two kids sorry for thinking they wanted to be outside of God, which they couldn’t really be anyway. But because God loves the things he made all One inside himself, he wanted to teach the kids a really good lesson. So as time went by, the two kids grew up and had more kids and pretty soon there was gazillions of things and people outside of God, but not really.

But thinking they were all outside of God they had to work really hard and they got sick and turned mean and got mad at each other and had wars and all kinds of terrible, awful stuff was happening to everyone because they thought they were outside of God. And everything got all divided up into gazillions of different countries and nobody could understand anybody and it was a really big mess. And everybody thought that their way was the right way and they wanted everything everybody else had and a very ugly and horrible monster named Envy happened and the whole wide world started going nuts.

Then a really big war happened and a whole bunch of God’s kids got captured by some people in one of the other countries and they were treated just awful for a really long time. Then one day God said, “Now I think they know how foolish it is for them to want to be outside of me so I think I’ll bring them back.” So God made the other people let them go and God was taking care of all of his kids even while he was bringing them back to himself where they really were anyhow. He gave them bread to eat that fell right out of the sky and water to drink that came right out of a rock and they didn’t have to do anything except go where God was taking them. That is until all of a sudden, once again they thought they needed God and something else.

So they puffed up and pouted and made all kinds of naughty faces and told God that they wanted some rules to go by so they could be good little boys and girls. But God said, “Why do you want God and something else again? Don’t you know by now that if you have me you have all there is because I made all of you inside me and you’re all One inside me and there is nothing else but me? I’ll teach you all you need to know and take care of you always and always because you are all One inside me. But they yelled and kicked and screamed and threw all kinds of silly fits until finally God gave them what they thought they wanted. He gave them more rules than they could even remember and some were really kind of weird, but that is what they thought they wanted so that is what they got.

Then they got really sad again because after trying to do all those things and follow those rules they found out they couldn’t do them and they all yelled out at once, “WE CAN’T DO ALL THIS STUFF GOD!” And God said, “I told you that you didn’t need anything but me, yet once again you thought you wanted God and something else. You’ll just have to live with the rules for a while until you know that I am all you need because I am all there is.” So when God thought that they might have learned their lesson again, he decided to bring them back where they were anyway.

And everything was going along really smooth because God was taking care of everything. But then they got jealous of the other countries because they had a king and they all yelled out at God and said, “YOU LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE BETTER THAN US BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE KINGS AND WE DON’T. IT’S NOT FAIR!” Of course God knew it was the other way round because he’s the only real king and was all they needed. But because they thought they needed God and something else, God gave them a make believe king to rule over them and tell them what to do and how to do it. And that king was not a nice king at all and he made them work really hard and give him most of their money and they were sadder than ever because they thought they wanted God and something else.

And so a very, very long time went by and over and over and over again all the people thought they wanted God and something else, and they were never satisfied with anything, no matter what God said or did.

Then God said, “I’ll go outside myself and make myself a person like them. I’ll tell them wonderful stories and show them just how to be. Then maybe they’ll know once and for all that I am all they need because I am all there is and I made them all One inside myself. I’ll even do something that none of them could never imagine. I’ll give myself up and put myself inside all of them and teach them all there is and that I am the truth and I will do everything and make them know me from inside of them. Then surely they will know that I am all they need because I am all there is and I made them all One inside me and now I am all One inside them too.”

So that is exactly what God did. He turned himself inside out and put himself inside all his kids and you would think that they would never again think they want or need God and something else wouldn’t you? After all, if God is all there is and gave all of his self and put all of himself inside all of his kids then there is nothing left for him to give? If you have everything, how can you get anything else? But as crazy as it sounds, they still to this very day are not satisfied. They still want God and something else. That is why they still have wars and hurt each other and why a few of them have a whole, whole lot but most of them hardly have anything. They think that who they are is what they do and what they have and it is not.

So instead of simply believing that God is all there is and knowing that we are all One inside him inside us, and there is nothing left to do or get, we keep searching everywhere outside for God and something else and we are all still sad and mad and mean and all kinds of awful stuff still happens. But now I will tell you the very most important thing.

The only rule there is and the only rule anyone needs is to love God and love each other and forget about yourself and put others first and you know what? That is what it means to be perfect. And guess what else? This story has the happiest ending of any story ever! One day EVERYONE will know that God made us all One inside himself and that is where we are forever. And we will never, ever again think we want God and something else.

The End…but not really.

Written June 20th, 2007