Christ As Us
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by Fred Pruitt

"If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed."

How that word "IF" can stand out!

And it is true, that as long as that "IF" does stand out, we are on the outside looking in, and hopefully clinging on.

Which is as it should be. We are born in the purpose of God in separation, that in Christ we might push through into union with God, and then from union into oneness.

Union is the awareness that two (who were seemingly apart and separate) have been joined together as one. And it is right then that we know that we are we, and not He, but that He has come to be in us the Life of which we are the form and expression.

However, that gives way to oneness, in which we become aware that the Father has only begotten One Son, and that One and Only Son is who IS begotten in us, so that we find that the two are really and truly One Person.

Now this can only happen as we are pushed/pulled/propelled through the gates of Hell (the God-purposed delusion of separated self within us), and see only One.

Then we are not on the outside looking in and hoping to continue on -- IF -- but now we are on the inside looking out. "IF" has been replaced by the One and Only Begotten Son, the Only Begotten of the Father, the Only Son the Father has.

Do we cry "Abba Father?"

How do we cry "Abba Father" except we be the Son? How are we the Son except the Son be first of all born in us, as the seed (sperm) of God, which brings forth the Christ child in us, and then as any seed which grows after its "own kind" does, it grows up into the very plant which the Father planted? Being a "branch" means nevertheless still being part of and the same as the Vine.

When God "revealed" the Son in Paul, what Son did God reveal, and what Son was Paul in his maturity?

There is only One Begotten of the Father. Jesus went away, indeed He said it was necessary or expedient that He go away, that we might know through Him that we are the selfsame Son as He.

"Thou are my Son, this day have I begotten thee!"

God speaks this from eternity, and we leave the "IF" behind when we enter that eternity.

And of course we know, it is not "lo, here," or "lo, there," i.e., not identifiable or describable according to this world of time and space. God IS.

Looking "within" doesn't mean "within" the confines of this or that which I know as myself, but within and behind all manifested existence itself, that we might go beyond and above it, even while in it, to touch, live in and out of that which remains and is not passing away. There is no "IF" there.