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Thoughts on Kierkegaard
by Fred Pruitt

Comment on Daily Thought -- Aug 4, 2007

This that has overtaken me recently, has taken me again to stark nakedness and overwhelming simplicity. I am finding it is the strait gate and the narrow way.

What he writes about is not a physical silence, as some might think it. I know you know this. It isn't something we effect, or fabricate, or learn how to do. We tried all that and it didn't work.

It is as SK says, we become nothing before God. That nothing is the entering in. All the negatives and positives are in that nothing that we take, and we take them all in the nothing.

It truly is all or nothing. Which does one choose? Seek the all and lose it, or sink into nothing and find it all?

And Paul hit the nail when he said we are "having nothing, and yet possessing all things." As long as we retain anything as ours, whatever we retain is our reward, but when we have nothing, for the first time everything there is is ours. Once it isn't ours in that way, then it all, and that means all, is ours. Not to manipulate or control, but only to behold in fixed single sight.

The other thought I'm having at this late hour is about the Son.

The only sin is not to believe in the Son. That is what the gospel says. There's all that other stuff people go on and on and on and on and on about, but it all boils down to this one and only thing.

But what does that mean?

It means that we must believe the Son in us. That is what it means to be born again. It means to believe the Son in us.

None of us is ever going to go back to 30 AD and Nazareth and Jerusalem and walk those dusty streets with Jesus and his crowds. In terms of the world of space and time, it happened then, and it doesn't happen now, since now is happening now. So we're never going to go back in time and be "with Jesus" as it was in those days.

So the only way we're ever going to really "walk with Jesus" is to find Him in our own consciousness (or heart or mind or spirit) and to believe Him when we find Him there.

How do we do that?

Well, if we read the gospels, He comes walking along and gets our attention. And He makes a clear offer. Again, since we're never going to live in Capernaum or Cana in 30 AD, the only place this can happen is in the universe of our own being. Jesus comes walking along down the dusty road inside us. He has always only been an "inner Christ." Even when He walked with the apostles and they thought He had come to be the new leader of a restored Israel, He was always pointing, even while affirming Himself as "He who should come," to the Spirit who would indwell them. In other words, He would never again be Jesus walking in Galilee, but forever after revealed IN US as the Christ by the Holy Spirit.

And what He is revealing is that this very Son testified to by the Holy Spirit has come to be Christ in every one who will receive. So anytime anyone truly hears, he is hearing only what is inside himself thundering, the Word of God spoken in every man in every place, only needing to find emptiness and receptivity to come alive in the true Vine. That's where Jesus is walking these days, and that is the stage of our belief.

I'm pretty sure in heaven that if we do get a glimpse of Jesus of Nazareth standing out where He can be seen, and perhaps He will and I would love it if He did, He's going to look like every person who was ever a person. We will look at Him and see everybody who ever lived. Including ourselves. And if there were cavemen, they'll be there, too. Along with Adam and Eve.

Oh, it will be Jesus alright, make no mistake. We will wave palm branches and shout Hosanna and we will cry sweet tears of joy to see the King.

But when we look at Him when He passes by on the donkey, well, we can see everybody we ever knew or thought of or heard of again, including ourselves, riding on the donkey toward Jerusalem.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Let Jerusalem shout, and Zion rejoice!

A man asks: "Who is this coming?"

Another shouts, "Look, it is Jacob, and a great multitude with him."