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The State of Being
by Michael Daniel

There is absolutely nothing difficult about believing in Jesus. For that matter, it is the easiest thing in the world to say that we believe in Christ as the Son of God, the Messiah, the Savior or whatever other majesty we would call Him. But to take Jesus at His word and believe Him; ah, that is something else altogether and it is something that cannot be accomplished through any human endeavor.

Believing IN Jesus will assist in knowing a miniscule tidbit about Him but to truly KNOW this Jesus and the God that fathered Him it is notoriously imperative to stop seeking to acquire knowledge of Him. To KNOW Him means to believe all that He says, desiring and seeking Him for no other reason than He is Christ. This means taking Jesus at His living word with no excuses, no apathy, no complacency and NO COMPROMISE! This means not simply believing in Jesus, but believing Him, yesterday, today and forever! He never changes!

If this is truly the desire of your heart, get ready for the wildest, scariest, shakiest, unsure and uncertain experiences you could NEVER imagine! Get ready to encounter a God that is not nice, not sweet, not sugar coated and not what religion teaches. Get ready to feel that at times your guts are being ripped apart. Get ready to feel as if your heart is being torn from your chest and smashed into a billion pieces. Get ready to have your sweet cream and chocolate covered idea of Christ to be dashed against the rocks of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and reasoning. Get ready for all your goals, dreams and aspirations to be completely turned upside down and possibly wiped out completely. In a nutshell, get ready to have all selfish, worldly materialism and ambition utterly destroyed and the mysterious revelation of the Holy Spirit within you to be terribly, painfully birthed through the Fire of the One and Only Living God. Get ready to hear the thundering death knell of self, for to this world and everything of it you must DIE!

Contrary to popular, contemporary teaching Jesus never preached worldly prosperity and riches. He never said you would always be content. Christ never taught earthly security. He never told us to acquire material possessions. Jesus never said to have an unlimited wardrobe or the finest clothes. Never did He say that we need a fancy, expensive automobile to drive. Never did Jesus tell us we would always be comfortable or happy. Not once did He ever say for us to save money for the future or have an insurance plan. At no time did Christ ever tell us to submit to the reign and authority of political or religious so-called leaders. Jesus never pointed us to a man; a woman, a system, a seminary, a plan, a doctrine, a denomination, or book, and He most certainly didn’t tell us to follow Matthew, Mark, Luke, John; Peter, Paul, Mary or anyone else. What He did say, and is still saying, is, “Follow Me! Believe Me! Trust Me!” So just how did this new-fangled, self-centered, self-aggrandizing prosperity, La La Land, non-gospel start and why is it so widely preached throughout Christianity today? Because it makes YOU feel good and centers focus on YOU instead of Christ Jesus. YOU become first priority, not others. It gives the excuse to be completely selfish instead of totally selfless. It also justifies the ill-gotten gain of the ones preaching and teaching it. Francis of Assisi stated it brilliantly.

“God created man in His own image and man returned the favor.”

We have re-created God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into what is pleasing to ourselves. We have re-created man for man’s purpose and desires and not God’s. We have rendered the Almighty, Omnipotent Sovereign God into a pathetic pleader and servant of mankind instead of standing in awe and reverence of the unexplainable, indefinable, un-understandable Lord of heaven and earth that He is. Jesus has become a Christ of convenience and God, a god of opinion, interpretation and theology. If God is God then how in the Universe can he be conceptualized? It is only the arrogance and egotism of man and the flesh that something so abominable would even remotely be attempted.

One reason that it is so difficult for “man” to believe that, “It is finished”, is that it puts us in the very state that we do not want to be. Believing that Jesus has accomplished everything puts us in a state of “being”, not doing, and that place is a most hateful place to the flesh. That “Place” is Christ! Not being able to say that, “I can do something, or anything for that matter, is a death sentence to “me”. The prideful self, however, still believes the same age old damnable lie that, “I can be like God”. Does anyone really want to be “like” God? Yet once again that condemning quote from a mere mortal echoes forth with thundering audacity, “Be imitators of Christ”. Christ Jesus never said imitate Him. He said, “Follow Me! Believe Me! Trust Me!” In vanity and futility we attempt to duplicate and imitate instead of simply taking no thought, denying self and following as a little child.

Every system concocted and instated by “man” will fail. Be it political, economic, business, medical; psychological, religious, technological or any other. The idea that “man” can or will produce an equal or better way than God already IS and forever will be; is shear absurdity. “Man” hasn’t the ability or the understanding to fix his self. Look around and the proof that man and his systematized programs and works cannot and will not solve problems with lasting solutions is pathetically and painfully evident. The simple fact is that if we can’t trust Almighty God for everything we can’t trust Him for anything. Little children believe that in Christ Jesus, “It is finished”, and know the “State of Being”.