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Questions About Union
by Cris Norris

RE: Notes From Norman - Union

What is this "union"? I need to think more on this. For example, if no separation exists, then does God also share my sin as well as my sorrow? But God can not sin. If God can not sin and I do, does that mean I have not achieved (and never will achieve) union?


I believe the union is that of the Holy Spirit basically inhabiting us, so that it is not our doing but his doing. I think he is talking about what we think is our despair or sorrow (in my life itís the boring insurance job or how my wife doesnít think Iím funny), I donít think he is talking about sinóin fact Norman rarely talks about sin simply because in my words, ďsin was conquered a long time ago and we had nothing to do with itĒ. His point being; stop looking at all our circumstances and start looking at God who is in all circumstances (except of course those that we choose to do on our own, which always enters into a sinful nature). But why do we have to always mention that which was defeated by Christ, if we would understand sin was beaten we are no longer controlled by sin, but by God. Now my job is still boring, my wife doesnít like my jokes much and our Church seems deadóbut if I really look; my job provides wonderfully, my wife is still around (and she smiles occasionally) and our Church does have some wonderful people and moments. So, God is working in me to help me understand he is ďall in allĒ and I should realize he has been here with me all along, not sinning or sharing in my misdirection, but calling me back the whole time.

I think about the prodigal son, while he was in the mud wallowing around, did his father love him? Had his fatherís attitude of all encompassing love changed at all? No of course not, only the sonís perception of his fathers love changed. So all of the wallowing could have been avoided, well I guess not, because thatís not how the story goes. We have to wallow to bring us home or to show us things havenít changed at all, God never changed, he loved us all along. Further, who is really hurt in the prodigal son story but the religious brother who stayed around and did everything correct and trueóit seemed to the perfect brother that his father loved the loser brother even more than himself. He was destroyed to think that he went to church every Sunday and did all that was required and his father never killed the fattened calf for himówhatís the deal here. So do our actions prove who we are, I thank God, that most of the time no. People around me seem to disappoint me a lot, however I know that they love me and I know that they love God, so I know that He is doing a work in them just like he is doing a work in me.

The father did not share in the wallowing, but very much shared in the sorrow. We know that the father was very sad everyday the son was gone from him, but he never judged and he loved every moment until he was united again. So for me the union is not something to be achieved, itís what is promised and we have freely, until we begin to think we can do things on our own, thatís when we go about the illusion of me instead of the reality of us together.