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Walking Corpses or ‘Dead Man Walking’
by Nancy Thompson

There’s been a kind of weariness lately that I’ve been walking around in. I am wearied by all the outer things that I have been seeing and/or doing. Things I see on TV, people, small or large decisions. A general feeling of ennui or deadness has permeated me.

I’m tired of cooking, wondering what meals to prepare, tired of work, tired of everything. I’ve had some time off over the holidays thinking ‘oh boy’, I can get some stuff done, but ‘no’, I ended up with a cold, which sapped my energy. I want to throw up my hands, and say, ‘what’s the point of all this’? I’ve had to get a hair cut, and I just let the hairdresser do what she wanted to, saying ‘you’re the expert’. And, if I had the nerve, I’d have all of it cut off, so I wouldn’t have to ‘deal’ with that for a time.

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with friends of mine to a restaurant located in a ‘high-end’ shopping mall. After lunch, we wandered around; everything in the stores was 25% to 75% of the regular price (Christmas sales) and even the lowered prices were exorbitant. We went to a Roots store, and after looking at the labels, I found out that everything was ‘made in China’, which made me angry and I was railing to my friends, that unless I have to, I’m not buying any stuff with that ‘made in China’ label, especially from ‘name-brand’ stores and how people are being swindled by thinking they have labeled clothes like ‘Roots’, ‘Old Navy’ or any other name brand plastered all over them, while a lot of these clothes are made in sweat-shops or in countries with little or no environmental laws. It’s all about profit and money. What happened to ‘made in Canada’ or ‘made in the USA’? My friend, who loves ‘Coach’ purses, (they are expensive), told us that now they are being made in China, instead of the USA. I figure she should ‘save’ her ‘made in the USA’ purses, because they’ll likely be worth something, because of the quality workmanship that was put into that purse.

My body is falling apart, little by little, with various maladies. And I’ve been thinking lately ‘I’m nothing but a walking corpse’. My flesh is slowly rotting off my bones; and my body is starting to ‘know’ the corruption of a fallen self in a fallen world.

And I guess, part of my ennui is, what’s the point of trying to make this outer body look good through ‘new’ clothes or this or that, when everyday, some other body part shows me the opposite. Appearances do lie to us and keep us always on the edge that we got to do something to fix this corpse up, because it’s starting to fall apart.

Ah!!!! Then it gradually dawned on me. I’m already dead. Oh I know I died and was crucified with Christ and all that, BUT now that Spirit knowing has begun to permeate its’ way through the soul to the body – my body of corruption. “You are dead to sin”. “Don’t you know you died?” “Who will save me from this (MY) body of death?” What’s that all about but knowing you can’t patch up or fix this outer body of dead flesh with clothes, perfumes, lots of dieting or exercise or anything else to pretty it up, when it’s a walking corpse, and the only reason it’s walking at all is because the Spirit of He who lives, Christ Himself, is the One doing the walking. Oh God! Everyday IS resurrection day, when we wake up, because who else can rise up this ‘dead corpse’ each day to carry on. What a miracle!!!!!!

If any outer changes are to be made to this ‘dead man walking’, He will do it, ‘cause it’s His body. He promised that the “corruptible will put on the incorruptible”, but that’s HIS work and process and timing, if He wants to make any outer changes, because we are DEAD and can’t do it ourselves. How can flesh desires tamper with “Spirit”? All comes from Spirit. But any manifestation of that is by His Spirit and not by our ‘dead body’. If Jesus wants to wear a different kind of body suit, He’ll have to do the tailoring to suit Himself. He’s got much better taste than I (seeing He’s tasted death for me).

One of my new friends has written, “Who came out of the grave? You stayed in the grave? Only one life emerged”.

God has played the most humungous ‘bait and switch’ practical joke of all time.

Dead man walking.