Christ As Us
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Response to a Letter
by DeeDee Winter

Hi Kay,

I just do not relate to your letter at all. The God I have come to know is in TOTAL control of His creation and universe. There are not two powers…only One…I AM that I AM. I no longer have to fear what may happen in this world, but am excited at the possibilities to share the Living Christ brought about by need … GREAT NEED…in people’s lives. However it comes about, it is from the hand of God … for us as much as it was for Job. If Jesus was ONLY about the unseen and eternal, caring nothing for an earthly kingdom, caring nothing about preserving His life, then why in the world should we be!

It breaks my heart that what this dear saint went to find was a special time of worship and having God convict me of my sins and lead me to areas in my life where I need to change.

Would be that she knew the finished work of the Cross of Christ and was convicted of her righteousness…that she is dead, no longer a sinner but a saint…that Christ is her life…that she is perfect, complete, needing nothing…that she is one with the Father just as Christ Jesus was…that her existence is no longer about changing herself, but about being her full and glorious God-created perfect self…a perfect human containing the perfect Christ!

It is a tragedy in the body of Christ that Christ is denied that for which He paid so great a price! I could go on and on, but will spare you any more of my despair at this email.