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Single-Eye Seeing
by Fred Pruitt

Norman Grubb used to say, "Don't be a see-atter; be a see-througher!" He was talking about having single sight, or single-eye seeing. So the obvious questions that immediately come up, after perhaps a period of consideration on the truth of his advice, are, "Okay, so what is this single-eye seeing, and how do we do it or how do we get it?"

Single-eye seeing is simply seeing the singular truth of what is before us, instead of the broken, fragmented, partial reality we normally see. That singular truth is, in words, that God is purposely at work in everything, so that every negative is drawing its positive. That is the nature of the negative, to draw the positive to it. It is the nature of the positive to fill up the negative with itself. So every negative is perfectly purposed to bring about the positive which is the original intent of God. The negative is part of the path.

At first we may take that as merely a philosophy, a new "world-view" as some say, a way of thinking that brings everything into a wholeness and within the purview of the intentional love of God, no matter how opposite-appearing those things might be.

But truth be told we find it a difficult perspective to hold onto. The circumstances and difficulties that come in life rattle this cage pretty hard. When those things are overwhelming us, whatever they might be, it is hard to hang onto a way of thought that just seems to sugarcoat everything. Life is tough, and it doesn't help just imagining that God is behind it for His good purposes and this death of whatever kind we are experiencing now is bringing out life. Sometimes the hurt is too great. The wound is too deep. If it was something that only happened occasionally, perhaps we could bear it. But it sometimes is continuous. Endless. Every day.

We find we cannot hold onto fairytales. People who quote scripture to us and tell us to stand on it are well-meaning, but we want this to STOP, not just more platitudes to keep our upper lips stiff, while misery endlessly continues.

God is very clever about this really. What is actually happening is that, first, He has hold of us.

He drew us to Him and we came by His Spirit, and then He puts us in His school. He may use men's schools and He may not. His school is not to teach us the scriptures, but to teach us HE WHO IS in the scriptures -- and in everything else. The school of the Spirit is to teach the Spirit by living experience. We may or may not know the scriptures. We may or may not be a big studier, seminar attender, Bible marker. Makes no difference to Him. He puts us where He wants us and oversees every detail of everything, so that everything is ordered according to perfection. He knows when a sparrow falls and He knows when our socks are mixmatched.

It is Christ Who is growing up in us, and He as us, learns obedience by the things He suffers -- in us. He's not become such a big-shot now that He can't go through this again and again individually and personally AS everyone of us.

The "things we suffer," for this purpose, are the negatives and positives ordered by the Father, perfectly positioned, timed, and certain of accomplishment. These things all consist of the "word" of God, since forever that has been so.

Everything we see, know, experience, whether physically, mentally, psychologically, intellectually, spiritually, in some aspect consist of Him by whom all things consist! This is a universal truth that Colossians says in plain words (1:17). If even for a moment the truth of that breaks through into daylight in our understanding, immediately the light changes. A pall that had been in the atmosphere has been removed. It was only covering up something that was in the moment real, not real in the future. It is no vision of future heaven we see, but heaven in the now in our midst, out of which we are now living our lives. We were translated from darkness to light when Christ came in as our Light and banished the darkness to the outer reaches, so that we are no more of it. We are of light and of heaven. It is our present inner truth -- and by truth I mean something that IS, not words in a book.

This is the reality God is proving to us by the experience of life. That God has ordered all our steps perfectly for everything. In proving it to us daily by experience, after we have taken it into ourselves as something true, God's purpose is that it becomes our own. Like the people who the woman at the well brought to Jesus. At first they believed when she told them she had met the Messiah. Wonderful! But then, they came and heard Him themselves, and were the more blessed, because they went to the Source! They heard Him themselves! So, hallelujah, this is the Father drawing us further into the Source, to prove the Source IS the Source, for Christ is bound by love to give the water of life to all Who come to Him. His meat is to do the Father's will, and the Father's will is to be in all of us a well of water springing up into everlasting life, drinking from which would slake one's thirst forever. This, again, is TRUTH, not words in a book. If truth, then, it is our living in this current moment reality.

It is a fixed inner knowing, that operates in a continuous recognition by faith of the perfect outworking of God in all things, nothing excepted. And there is then a further recognition, that if what we are seeing and living is the outworking of God in any given situation, person or event, then it MUST BE love, because God is love and only acts in love. Therefore everything, though it may be temporally evil, disjointed or separated, is nevertheless working the perfect working of the love of God by which all things are purposed and redeemed into light and glory.

But we must understand this is an inner sight by faith! And by inner, I do not mean of the realm of thoughts and feelings, but of the invisible and imperceptible. In other words, the outer mind does not attain to it except by hints and flashes. The outer mind can only see what it was created to see -- the things of this world of appearance. By faith I mean that we first enter and then dwell in this sight by our word of agreement with God, that what He has revealed to us and in us, we stand in as living truth, whether or not we see or perceive it with our outer senses or understanding.

In Jesus Christ by faith we enter into a new sight, which is His own seeing by us. Isaiah describes this new sight thus:

(Isa 11:2-4) "And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;
And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears:
But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked."

So, let this sink into our ears. What this means is that this is not a sight we "imagine" somehow, or one we put on by reading what it is in a book and decide we're going to believe that, too. Maybe it might start out that way, but when we actually SEE singly it does not come from anything we do or have done, and does not come in any way that we might imagine. Single eye seeing is the Lord's seeing, and it is His seeing in us. he does it. Quit worrying about "how" or "what" and say, "Lord, this is your sight, so you see this way in me!"

By this single sight the Lord God sees all things. There is a point when we cannot describe it, but just open our eyes and see what is before them. It is seeing with eyes that see. It is hearing with ears that hear. It is the Lord IN US, AS US, who does this in us.

The eyes that see everything see all things vibrant in the Word of God, everything enveloped with light. This is the truth. God's light is shining in everything. Our physical eyes can't see it but it is there. It is surrounding us and makes the substance of what is "us" and is the actual substance of everything that is. Everything is composed of this light of glory -- which is -- Christ. It is not just something poetic or "mystical" that we say. God's light is the substance of everything that is, and we are bathed in it and walk around in it. We breathe it in when we inhale and breathe it out when we exhale. Even our very bodies, souls and spirits -- are made up of this light. We are this light.

There is darkness but it does not overpower the light, but instead the light is in it and shines out of it. In our existence darkness, confusion, shadow, seems to overpower everything. War may be raging on a hundred fronts in the human hell. Hell insists on remembering its misery and misfortune and all who are to blame for it.

The ears that hear, penetrate past the noise and dissonance, to the perfect harmonies underlying everything. They hear the dissonance and noise coming straight out of the harmonies, as if escaping, but then they hear them pulled back into a perfect symphony. They are part of it and without them the symphony would be bland and poor tasting. Here all instruments take greater and lesser parts to little by little build the tension more and higher, until it all cascades into resolutions and climaxes that repeat over and over until finally there is only peace and stillness.

And then it begins again.