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Living in the Light
by Fred Pruitt

Hi ______________,

I saw your emails this morning on rising -- don't know why they didn't get here yesterday, but we know WHo is in charge of these things. Thought all day about everything you said.

You said you appreciated my candor so let me continue with it.

You are an important cog in our wheel, my friend. How long have you been with us? How long have you discussed these things and considered them? I think for a very long time.

Years ago I reveled in being strident with folks, in "nailing" them, so to speak. In the 80s Brian and I used to make a joke about our being assigned to go around "taking names and kicking butt." I don't know how Brian feels about these things now, but for me it's the furthest thing from my mind and especially my heart. I'd far rather affirm, console, lift up. You mentioned that I might consider you in "unbelief," and really, I rarely use such terms anymore. That did not occur to me. I really don't think of folks that way, though I know there is certainly truth in it. I really do see folks being exactly where the Father means them to be. It is something that has "taken me," and despite the feelings of the flesh and soul, I am relaxed even in "process." It has become something "fixed."

That doesn't mean I have my head buried in the sand and do not see what is happening in the temporal or in the flesh. I am with you in regard to _______ calling his inordinate affection "God." I would have fought him tooth and nail had I known. But for me, my "seeing" just means that over and above and through all that, I have been taken with a permanent Spirit-seeing of God, All in all.

You mention process, and I certainly cannot and would not deny "process." I'm a student of JB (Jacob Boehme) just like you, and understand, at least a little bit, the 7 spirits and how they are always in operation.

But what I have also experienced is that, in God, it is all swallowed up in the Cross and the last 3 are the manifestation of the Light, built upon the anguish of the first 3. And we learn to live there, not in the anguish, but in the Light. It is an absolute. Alan [Parker], in his talk back in 83 I think it was, or maybe 82, stressed that this process in God is not as it would be in a temporal world, in that things are happening 1-2-3 as in time, but that the basis of the final 3, light, sound and the manifestation of heaven, are continuously manifested through the operation of the Cross. In other words, the first 3 are swallowed up ETERNALLY by the operation of the Cross, and are submerged, and in a real sense, not seen in God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Though there is the anguish, it is eternally swallowed up in the Cross and the manifestation of God is the Light, Word, and manifestation of Heaven. So what you end up with is that there is no anguish in God!

That's what I'm talking about my friend. You are precious to us and VITAL in our ongoing outreach. That is why it is so necessary that you see this. You must realize, there does come a "fixedness" of relaxation in the Light side, the Resurrection side. "O God, my heart is fixed," as the Psalmist said. (Ps 57:7; 108:1; 112:7). There does come that day. John Bunting calls it the day of graduation. We DO graduate!

And that day is the Day we take all this in the simplicity of receiving any other gift. We just take it. Oh, that's it! Thanks, I'll take that!

I was thinking today that if you didn't know me, had never met or seen me, and we were talking on the phone, that if I told you that I have graying blonde hair, am overweight, have pale white skin, etc., that you would probably take that at face value and believe it. If someone asked you later to describe me, you would probably simply give them the description I had given you. Unless you had some reason to suspect me to be a liar, it would be entirely reasonable to accept my description as truth. It would be no great strain on your intellect or your will to do so.

I was thinking that is like the promises of God to us. It is really that simple. It's time to go beyond the process and say, "I really don't have time for this. There is work to be done. There is a calling God has for me. I must be on with it!" I don't know what it is, but I can tell you of a truth that life on the other side -- on the "fixed" side -- begins to exhibit a confidence and a certainty that does not come while we are concerned overly with process and overcoming the negative. Yes, the negative still comes; yes, there are still temptations; yes, doubts, fear, hurts arise and claim their rights. BUT -- and this is a BIG but, this that I am talking about is something different from that. Even in the midst of struggle and doubt, there is an inner confidence and Light that we live in, which is that we KNOW, even in this anguish, that God is All in all.

_________, we're like men in a foxhole with the enemy bearing down upon us. Who has time to think deeply if we have enough bullets or if the Colonel has made the right decisions? The battle is upon us. All we can do is rise up and give what we have and trust that it is enough. After all, we are already as dead men -- are we not? What have dead men to protect or to fear?

David overcame process (after all, he did take FIVE stones) and went to meet Goliath on the field of battle. I'm sure there might have been a butterfly or two. But he confessed only one thing -- that this man could not defy the God of Israel and stand. Do we say the same? Do we live continuously in that same place? That is our calling. We live in the Light, because He IS the Light. He shines "out of" darkness -- but the point of that is that HE SHINES! That's where we place our bet, not on the darkness!

I believe we do. It has come to me that we are there. What I took so long ago has taken me. Surely, brother, it has taken you as well. You ARE the Light!

We are knit heart and soul and mind in the Lord. Thank you for being so honest and in love.