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The Proper Order
by Fred Pruitt

Taken from an email:

Dear _____,

..... Only one thing I might tell you that might put you into a touch of rest. You speak of re-training the "synapse patterns" of your brain according to the mind of Christ.

This is tricky business, because while it is good to study, to seek answers, to desire the wisdom of God, there comes a point when you realize you already have and are what you are looking for. You have already said it in yours to me: "according to the mind of Christ that He had been showing me."

Well, brother, you know where that is, don't you? It is in you. You already know. You already are. Yes, it is being worked into your consciousness, but I will go out on a limb here and say this: it is not being worked into your brain!

You can partially "train your brain" to think with these new ways, and you can go quite a way with it. But it will always be the outer servant of the inner man, and never the repository of Spirit truth, understanding, knowledge, etc. To the rational brain, all that God stuff is at best "fleeting glimpses." We can take conceptual truth, word descriptions of the life of Christ in us, and use that for our rational brain to have some frame of reference and to continually remind itself of Spirit reality which it cannot see, but what has so often happened in the Church over the centuries is that conceptual truth -- which is only a description of Truth -- in people's minds hardens itself into THE truth, when of course it is not. It is an error to take our rational understanding and make its descriptions of truth to be as if they ARE truth. This is what makes for the endless doctrinal wars and splits, or part of the reason anyway. (There are other factors that contribute to that strife as well, but we'll just stick to this subject for now.)

Christ in your inner spirit is where you and He are joined together as one. Our outer self-consciousness, which includes the soulish part of our makeup, is tied to this world and to partial sight, and will never attain "by sight" in this life what our spirit already sees and lives in. Now this is part of the reason the great majority believe they are two, not one. Because of this "outer self consciousness" which always sees the partial, the negative, the unreal, the appearance, and in contradiction to that outer, there is the Spirit/spirit within us, which sees and knows the Truth and Wisdom of God. Even people (in Christ) who don't know our union truth sense this supposed "twoness." That's where the two-nature doctrines come from, from this "experience" people have of seeking the things of God, wanting to be godly, but always falling short in their assessments of themselves.

That might seem, thinking logically, to make you "two," but what happens to us is at some point (that God determines) we realize that this is how we "work" in our oneness. God has determined that the outer shall serve the inner. In some sense the "outer" can be nearly synonymous with this wrongful self-consciousness I've been describing in my various articles, because it so "self" conscious. It is not exactly it, but it is predominant from birth and is closely tied with our "Saul," while our David is the inner us (Christ/I as one) who is coming of age, but really cannot take the reins of government until the outer consciousness realizes its own place in the scheme of things: it must become inert, as if dead, and do nothing, until moved and activated from within by the Spirit/spirit. Then it acts, but only as servant, because now, as says Isaiah, "the government is upon His shoulders." The government of our lives, obviously!

Now this outer brain is part of this makeup, and it can never own the truth for itself. It learns to express it, and there we learn in faith to leave our partial sight and jump to the Invisible -- no sight -- which is as irrational as one can be, seen from the perspective of the outer rational brain. In the Fall it became the predominant part of us where all the decisions were made, where all knowledge of this world resides, etc. It was made to know and express the things of this world, but to be motivated and empowered from within by the Holy Spirit joined with our spirit. But in the Fall spirit became hidden and Satan invaded there, and kept us in darkness by only activating for the most part the outer part of us, making it master instead of servant as intended.

Now in Christ that proper order is restored. But since God wants us to walk in understanding and not as automatons, He wants us to be aware of the order and its workings. I have explained the order. Spirit runs the show. Spirit understands. Spirit lives in the revelation of God.

The outer consciousness, which is mostly our conscious house of dwelling while in this life, sees mostly only the partial reality of this world. Its specialty, appointed by God, IS the things of this world. It is created to traffic in this world, to understand and in a sense master it, as Adam was to be master in this world. He was to bless the world through his outer self which did the business of this world, while living out of and in his spirit joined to God, which directed and ran the outer world out of a paradise or continual inner Sabbath of rest within him. The Fall upset the order, so that his inner house of spirit darkened and was invaded, and the outer, left in the world as if alone, gained the predominance and continued that way in all the generations of Adam.

The proper order that is restored, is that we now live again out of that inner paradise and continual Sabbath of rest within us. We are complete. We are whole. We are full. We do not need anything. Everything is given to us freely of God -- in Spirit/spirit.

This is an inner consciousness, to use Norman's term, and I stress, it is NOT an outer consciousness, nor does it ever in the time of this life become so. To the outer, the "inner" remains mostly hidden and unconscious. It does not make it untrue or unreal, just unseen. The outer continues as before to see and react to the things of this world in its partial sight. But it also, like our inner selves, has become the house of Christ. He, in us, has become now the master of the outer self, the soul self, like he is the master of the winds and sea. He peacefully rests, even sleeps sometimes, in the back of the boat while the boat is tossed on the sea. He wakes and rebukes the winds and boisterous seas, and we marvel, "What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the seas obey Him?" But here is the kicker -- that "manner of man" is now you and me. Inwardly He and we are one, so that we are there in Him in the back of the boat resting even in the storm. Outwardly (like the disciples) we are being tossed in a boat in a storm and we quake with fear, but inwardly we are at peace, whether the waves and winds stop or continue. Because when we have realized the oneness is intact regardless of the ups and downs of our knowledge, emotions, or outer self-consciousness, then we begin to realize that we ourselves are the Sabbath rest of God, inwardly in us. It makes no difference what the soul is doing or what the brain knows or doesn't know.

"As a little child," He says we are to be.

When Gabriel came to announce to Mary she was to bring forth the Christ, at first her rational mind reacted, which is normal and proper, so she asked, "How can this be, seeing I know not a man?"

Gabriel gave her the answer, and then she went into spirit, beyond the rational understanding, "Be it unto me according to thy word." From wanting explanations, to the simplicity of, "Oh, that's how it is. Ok, I'll take that."

There is where the rational brain and the synapses which keep firing off, "danger, danger," or "Oh my God, we're going down," finds its rest. The "training" finally takes its full effect when we learn the end of all that is faith, "O God, this is just You here, doing what You do. I can lie down and rest here (my rational outer self-consciousness), for You, O Lord, always make me to dwell in safety and peace." (Ps 4:8).

Getting back to this operation, what we finally come to realize is that this IS our oneness. To seemingly operate as if we are two -- one part of us that sees, knows, and traffics in this world as it is appointed to do, which means it sees need, lack, terror, danger -- and the other, inner part of us, that lives in the rest and peace of God, which continually sees the fullness and completeness of God. It is two operations of the same person. When we see that, we really begin to know rest, which starts with accepting ourselves where we are, as we are, as the right expression in this world of God who lives in us and flows out of us according to HIS working, by His Spirit, whether with our understanding or not.

So this is just a little tweak here to remind you of things no doubt you already know. Thank you for giving me the privilege of writing you. I am really blessed to know you and look forward to more times together.

In the precious love of Jesus,