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How We KNOW He Lives As Us
by Fred Pruitt

This is one of the most common questions we receive when we speak of this life of Christ living in the world as us.

Oftentimes I wonder why I am not more loving or more selfless or why do I not get more people saved? I mean, since Christ lives in me and through me, shouldn't those characteristics be evident in my life?

This is the response:

How do we know we're born again?

Do we know because we prayed a prayer, went forward in a service, or because we were baptized?

It cannot be for any of those reasons. They don't last.

The answer I am looking for is this: we know we are born again, because we have the witness in ourselves. (1 John 5:10).

Now, if anybody asks us to prove we are born again, we cannot not do it. If we point out that we live morally, well, plenty of people who don't believe in Jesus Christ live moral lives. So that doesn't prove it.

If we say we feel differently, or even if we got delivered from heroin addiction or got miraculously well from a mental condition, still, that would not prove to anyone we are born again. People have religious "experiences" all over the world and have changed lives because of them. People get off drugs, or have sudden deliverances from diseases or mental conditions, and do not attribute it to Christ.

It simply comes down to our inner consciousness. We just know what we know. We cannot prove it to anyone else, just like we cannot prove even the existence of God to anyone by logic or reason. Give someone who does not believe your reasons for believing in God, and they will have other explanations.

We just know inside us. That's the bottom line. Faith to believe came out of nowhere and welled up in us, and we in some way joined in, by our word, by a prayer, by a commitment to go with Christ, and from that we began to know inwardly a difference of life. It happens to everyone differently, but if it is genuine, it will be in general what I have described.

Now our union with Christ is the same way. We just know. It has been revealed to us as true by the Spirit, and in some way, by a word, a prayer, a decision of some sort, we have said that it is "our" truth -- i.e. this is the truth about ME! I am crucified with Christ, and now it is no longer I living, but Christ living in me.

And there we stand then, in the truth. Come hell or high water, or doubts or condemnation that say such a thing cannot be, or surely I would "be different." We just stick with the truth God has revealed to us and in us.

The scenario/question at the beginning of this is common to us all. And it sounds like a familiar voice to me -- "IF you are the Son of God, you should be able to ...." or, "IF you are the Son of God, then this kind of stuff would be coming out of you ...."

But God doesn't ever come to us and say that. God is "I AM," and in Him, "You are." Not "If" you are!

Results, outflow, how I look, how I feel, etc., we now leave in His hands. All of that has been taken out of our hands. We have one job -- to believe and to declare the truth we have believed. That's it. God does all the rest (and we find He wells up in us to do the believing and declaring, too! He does it ALL! [Nothing left for me -- independently!])

"He that believeth, out of His belly shall flow rivers of living water." John 7:38. Just do the beginning part -- that's what we do. He does the flowing out -- in His time and in His way, and we just say He must be flowing out now -- we don't judge God's life in us by your limited human reason and sight -- because He says He will do it. There is no need to judge it. We can trust Him to keep His word.

"When you pray, BELIEVE that you receive, and you shall have ...." (Mark 11:24). That's the key. Believe. Regardless of appearances, regardless of result. Believe.

Sometimes things take a while to show up. When we're focused on ourselves and how it looks and what I think it should be like, then it has a way of never showing up. However, to faith it is there now and manifesting in the present moment! Give thanks!

When two people stand before a minister to get married, at the end of the ceremony they both say "I do" or something to that effect, and by that word commitment before witnesses, they are married.

Has anything changed? No, not a thing. Everything is exactly as it was the moment before they said their vows. But now they are married. Where is the evidence? They have no children. They have no life together. They have no home. They have no memories of a life shared. None of that matters. They ARE married!

It is the same with us when we speak our word of faith about who we are. We have no evidence. And whatever evidence that might come can easily be explained by something else. God's work is sometimes so very common and "normal" that we miss it. If we're looking for flashy things and tingly feelings and lights going off and firecrackers, but all we find is just daily life being the same daily life it was the day before -- where is the evidence of God?

It is always in our faith and never departs from it. We always live in faith, and live by what we do not see, rather than by what we do see.

Our outer sight is like looking at an iceberg on the ocean. We only see 1/10 of it; the rest is below the water and we cannot see it. What we see in the world is like that.

With spirit sight, we can see below the water and can see the rest of what God is doing. That is the faith part.

We are Christ in your form because it is true, not because of what we have manifested. He is the author of all manifestation, all outflow, all increase. He is faithful to do it. But first He might require of us a little believing without seeing. And believe me, that is a blessing!