Christ As Us
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by Michael Daniel

The Kingdom of God is within you. Since this is so, it is obvious that God is in the Kingdom. Yet God is not contained. God, Who formed and fashioned you as His container dwells within you, yet you do not and cannot contain God. How can this be possible? The question better asked is, how could this be possible?

How, if God is God and sovereign, could anything or anyone contain Him? Would that not take effort? And how, even by the combined effort of all things formed could the Former of all things be held contained? If this were possible the thing formed would have power over the One who formed it. The creature would have power over the Creator and thus, the roles of servant and Master reversed.

There have been over the centuries and are to this day those who have been deceived into believing that God created man for man’s whimsies and fancies, even to the point that God can actually be controlled and manipulated. When this mindset is in play man becomes dependent on his self and focuses on that self as supreme. Man’s desires become paramount and all manner of self-centered agendas are devised and appropriated. The result is that man will lie, cheat, steal and even kill to fulfill those agendas. He will bribe and allow himself to be bribed. He will become a whore to the world and attempt in vanity and futility to control and contain God. Yet God cannot be contained.

God cannot be contained because He has chosen to put His Kingdom within the container and no effort is required to cause God to enter into His Kingdom or to hold Him within the container. He is there by His power and for His glory!

Mysteriously, wonderfully and simultaneously God keeps his creation in His Kingdom in Himself within you. Through Christ and His eternal sacrifice God has drawn all that is His back into His everlasting Spirit and as aforementioned no effort is required to dwell and remain therein. Thus we are all one, as Christ Himself proclaims, within God just as He and Christ are One. We are not of this world. Since this is true why do we continually think and act as if we are? Why are we continually gripped in the clutches of fear, guilt, worry, doubt, confusion, anxiety and all other deceptive human feelings and emotions?

The answer is simply this. It is belief that God has left something undone and there is something left for man to do. It is unbelief that God is in control. Thus, acting on the falsity that the Father has not accomplished all things through Christ Jesus, many in their humanity vainly attempt to keep themselves when in reality all are being eternally kept. In fact, one might say that God is not keeping He is the Keep. However, there are many who just will not be satisfied with, “It is finished!” So day in and day out souls become more and more disillusioned and frustrated in the lie and deception of religious activities and efforts. In reality through the Way, the Truth and the Life we are in the Holy Spirit that is the Living God of infinite suspension where He contains and sustains everlasting.

God is not omnipotent He is Omnipotence! God is not omniscient He is Omniscience! God is not omnipresent He is Omnipresence! Unrestricted by time or space or all that is seen, God wills and does as He pleases in the hosts of Heaven and among all the inhabitants of the earth and no one can ward off His hand or say to Him, “What hast Thou done?” Will mankind ever admit and acknowledge that God has made all things according to His purpose not mans?

Whether in the seen which is fleeting and perishable or the unseen that is incorruptible and never ending, God the unchanging and unchangeable has ever been, ever is and ever will be . . . Uncontained!