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Truth Is Organic
by Fred Pruitt

Truth Is Organic

By Fred Pruitt

The following is taken from an email a recent email exchange about union and academic theology. I have edited and added to the original.

But I intentionally stopped reading and listening to _______ years ago because it came to me that if what he said is truth, then the Spirit would make it real in me in the same way. It would become "me."

As Paul said, it would become "according to MY gospel." (Rom 2:16; 16:25; Galatians chap 1; 2 Tim 2:8). Obviously many over the years have perhaps thought Paul was too full of himself with statements like that, and honestly at one time I did think that of Paul myself. But one day I realized that for all of us it must become "MY" gospel. That's what I meant last night when I said truth is organic. (I think I said that to you.) This may start out as objective -- words on paper, in a book, or even words in the Bible. But if Jesus isn't "in you" Paul said, you are not His (Rom 8:9). To be "in you" means that it IS you. Norman's main line in his teaching always was this, "What you take takes you."

Take food, it takes you over til digested and assimilated or expelled. Take training for a profession, at first it is foreign and outside you, stuff to learn, take in, etc., but one day it just becomes "you" and you do it unconsciously, like driving a car.

Well, Jesus and the "truth about" Jesus and our union are the same. Take HIM, and HE takes you. He becomes one with you. That is what "and Adam knew Eve his wife" means. They became one. Of course sexual union is a pale picture, because in this life we still remain two separate bodies, minds and wills. But not so in the Spirit. We become "one spirit" with Him, which is not an objective truth that we believe "in," but a subjective reality that we walk around in and simply ARE.

Paul said "I know whom I have believed" (2 Tim 1:12). For years in my mind I inserted "in" so that it read, "I know IN whom I have believed," but the word "in" is not there. To say "I know WHOM" (leaving out the "in") takes away the separation, for "in" (in this particular case) still leaves us separate and on the outside "believing in" something apart from us.

We have moved into oneness, and as such we are not of an "ism," i.e., and objective description of an objective truth, which is purely something academic or in a sense "theoretical," (apart from us as a concept), but on the contrary, we move simply to "IS," or "I am", which is an organic, immediate and direct reality. We are what we "know." The gap in our minds and understanding is bridged so that as Jesus said, "I and my Father are one," and so it is with us also.

Certainly some recoil from this and fear heresy or error. But we cannot be afraid to get out of the boat and walk on the water. Truth must not be just objective, out there, stuff we believe "in." Truth is first of all a Person (I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE), and then if that Person is in us as Way, Truth and Life, then it must of necessity have become in us an organic reality, so that what we have taken has taken us, and we ARE because HE IS in us to be Himself through and as our living every moment truth and reality of life.

And if the Spirit has revealed that to us, no matter how dimly, that's where we hang our hat of faith. We stand there and say, as Luther, "Here I stand, I can do no other."