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Further Clarification on Spirit Seeing
by Fred Pruitt

Further Clarification on Spirit Seeing
By Fred Pruitt

Just to clarify further -- I am not speaking of donning a way of seeing like we would try to have a change of attitude or move to a different set of beliefs that we try to put on ourselves from the outside, like learning a set of principles to apply or techniques or something like that. We do not put on a "way" or "method" of seeing, because the Way is Christ Himself. He Himself IS the way of seeing, or more simply, He is The Sight. We are seeing in His seeing. And by that I mean that by virtue of the fact of His indwelling and union with us, His sight IS our sight. We don't "get it" or "apply it" but rather recognize that what we are seeing IS His seeing. What we are seeing in and through our eyes is His inherent sight in us. The hills surrounding us are already filled with the "horses and chariots of fire" as in 2 Kings 6:17. What is there is already there. And the sight is already in us and we are already seeing it. We just look out and what we are seeing is this two-fold reality of temporal and eternal, simultaneously. One does not cancel out the other, rather, the temporal is expressing the eternal, and therefore we can immerse ourselves in temporal circumstances or situations fully without fear we are forgetting the eternal and somehow our attention has been diverted. When we see it, we realize they are one and the same, that is, different aspects of the same reality, which is God All in all. We apprehend it, i.e., take hold of it, simply by faith, not by some strain to think or "see" a certain way, but simply agreeing with God that His eyes, His vision, His eyes, are our eyes, and He sees through our eyes, and we join in that sight. That is union or oneness in Him. Or being ourselves in fullness and boldness, in spontaneity and doing "what occasion serves us," (1 Sam 10:7) and His life is expressed in our human living automatically, for "he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit."