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Walking In God's Perfection (not our own)
by Fred Pruitt

It is true that we may be walking relaxedly in that which He promised, so that He has risen up of Himself in us, where we inwardly know I am I and He is He, and yet He and I are One and walk as one person -- and still inwardly be questioning some of our behaviors. We may wonder what kind of job is He doing or ponder a deeper question: Is it really Christ living my life, because if it is He, then how come there is this "stuff" out here that I don't like?

That is a fair question.

I think we all have similar parts of our lives that we feel the same way. There almost always seems to be this dogged sense, this nagging yada-yada thing going on in my being that questions this whole Reality based on what I seem to be seeing before my eyes. I don't seem "perfect" to myself and the rest of the world seems to be blinded to my perfection also.

Of course, everytime I meet somebody who seems a paragon of virtue further association usually cures me of the delusion. But that's ok, because it means they're just like me.

Righteousness & Holiness is something else other than, I think, perfect human behavior (whatever that is). “Perfect human behavior” is what is meant by tradition, what humanity commonly THINKS it is.

But that is not real righteousness or true holiness – the traditions that men have come up with. Righteousness is the absolute Rightness of His Person being the inner churning dynamo of our spirits in loving-coupling with Him, and Holiness is the absolute separation unto Him in our inner selves so that inwardly we see there is only Him, and No Other. Outwardly Righteousness is simply walking and being Him in our normal capacities and places and relationships, and outwardly Holiness is living separated unto Him only, seeing Him everywhere in all things, which instead of setting us apart makes us instead One with all, because we find Him in all.

God didn't come on earth to make prigs & prudes, but to make whole human beings whose sole purpose is to love and be for others. That means we go where He leads, though to us it seems an unlikely place to meet God. He has a real penchant for being in unlikely places and unlikely people.

He doesn't call us to our idea of perfection, but to His, and that may be ways of questionable to the human eyes and senses, but we don't live from there, but from Him, trusting that only He can live our lives, since we cannot, and no longer do nor ever again want to. From henceforth the Government is upon His shoulders, is now, and ever shall be!

We didn't choose Him but He us. We didn't love Him first, (ain't that the truth?) but He first loved us. He molds us as a potter molds clay, according to His own design and plan from His eternal wisdom that thought particularly of you and particularly of me and everyone else, particularly, "before the foundations of the earth." In eternity He created unto us unto particular good works (lives), that God foreordained that we should walk in (Eph 2:10), so the awesomeness of the Father's plan is staggering! And it is even more staggering in that we are perfectly He expressing as us in our little part as stones in the building of God, where we are, how we are, being what we are, which is of course Him All and in all.

We really are the very manifest glory of God hidden in earthly flesh. But in that earthly flesh we are left as we are apart from God, feeling all the strife and contention and fear around us. For which reason we are not aloof from the rest of mankind, e.g., "being on a higher spiritual plane," or some other hogwash, because to live in the world means to experience the world and to be part of the world, to be human among humans, and thus we feel what everybody else feels -- weakness, pain, fear, alienation, depression, anger, rejection, etc. And because life is not some experiment in a laboratory but real Life being worked in us we are not "above it," but experience it as do our brethren, as if it is our own.
And because it is ours it is also His, because we are One, and He in us reigns in glory in our human weakness.

I have always loved Psalms, and this has always been a favorite: "Bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar." (Ps 118:27). This means in Him we have laid our whole lives on His altar, in union with Him. Because to be Who He is means to be What He is, and What He is, is a sacrifice for the world. Our lives partake of this same reality, because we are wrapped up in His outpouring Life. So our lives are not our own – and never were. All of it (the totality of our lives) has been bound, with unbreakable cords, to the altar, to be totally burned up in Him and Life is the eternal result.

Get used to it -- He will be in you, as you, as He pleases. This is our only point of personal faith in union with Him -- I live yet not I but it is Christ – simplicity!

The temptation will always be to believe that that is not so, based on the what appears hard evidence we have before our eyes and seemingly plain common sense. But this place of faith is the "secret place of the Most High" and the only place of safety and escape from the chaotic unending din of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.