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"Future," "Now," or "Eternal"
by Fred Pruitt

It isn't a question of "future" or "now" but a question of Eternal.

Jesus said that whosoever believed on Him would have Eternal Life.

We have mistaken that to mean unending existence after you die.

But we already had that.

The "Eternal" He meant was/is the Father's Life, lived in and experienced as the Water that quenches our thirst every day, the Bread that feeds us every day, the Sufficiency for all things available every day, the unbounded will to all goodness flowing through us every day, and the will bound to love that kills us every day.

It is the Water, the Bread, the Sufficiency within, the outflowing of only mercy and grace and goodness, that keeps the will bound to the love that kills us every day.

It is first of all the Love which can find only God wherever it gazes. Let the grossest sinner, the most ardent devil-worshipper, the blasphemer, the scoffer, the adulterer, the liar, the ridiculer, the abuser of themselves and others, come before this love and dare it to condemn them.

They are the ones who DARE, dare to come to the Throne of Grace, the Throne of Glory, and say, "Look at me, O God, I am wicked to the core, I despise your name, I spit on YOU!"

Cast down in their own imaginations, darkened to the core in their understandings, veils over their minds and scales blinding their eyes, they rave and shout, declaring all the unfairness, how they aren't to blame, how much they've been framed. Oh, yes, they say, we ARE wicked, but what else could we do, how else could we survive, how else could we have preserved life?

One can't hide from the Almighty that easily.

Do we really think that by doing a few evil deeds and declaring ourselves off-limits to God because we are so determinedly evil that He'll forget about us and will abandon His plan for us to be His Life-Giving Expression in this world?

Nah, He's not like that. (He wants us more than Uncle Sam wants us -- and for far better reasons!)

Spit on Him, curse Him, abuse your body, abuse others, abuse your own soul, but you CAN'T STOP HIS LOVE FROM LOVING YOU!

God looks at us and He sees saints; that's what His love does. It's not just some warm fuzzy saying, "Oh look at the cute baby," but rather the Active Principle of the Universe, the Driving Force, The Primal Urge, the PASSION, the Purpose and the Fulness of Wisdom, which is LOVE seeing us as we really are in the imagination of God. No matter how wicked, no matter how base, how lewd, how inappropriate, how wild, how crazy, how abusive, how impolite, how rude, or conversely how polite, how appropriate, how supposedly wise, how popular in this world and apparently right and wise in its ways, His love nevertheless sees us as Whole and the Fulness of Love in Himself, expressing Himself in His perfect Perfection which is His will, which He works after His own counsel 24-7.

So if He sees us from/in eternity as saints, those who are redeemed in Him, who are filled with Him, every one of us without exception can hook into God's already established vision of us, available infallibly for ANYONE who will believe, ("And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." Rev 22:17, "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." Is 55:1)

It simply remains for you to cross your own personal Jordan with Yeshua our High Priest and go beyond the veil where there is only God.

When you give up all you have there is only God.

This can be described theologically but you give all that up. If you don't (give up all that "theology") you don't cross over into only God, because you've still got some other stuff going besides Him. He says He's a jealous God, and won't tolerate any other gods.

He's not being mean or vindictive or even demanding.

It's just the way it works. There's either He Who is All in all, whom you see everywhere in everything as Light and Love permeating all creation and all existence and all circumstances, or somehow you see something less than that which is universal, and as a result there is no security anywhere, and fear has an open door, and therefore self-protection and guardedness are the order of the day.

But when you see only God there is simply nothing to fear. Nothing. "Yourself" least of all. (And "ourselves" is often what we fear most.)

When you see the unutterable lack of condemnation the Father has for you, the indescribable, the unfettered, the unbounded, the tinged with and affected by Grace that is the Father's Love for you, and indeed a Love that permeates and fills and overflows and floods the landscape and the skies and ocean with nothing other than God Himself WHO IS Love, FOR YOU, then the whole panorama of your life takes on a new dimension, a whole new background or foundation, because our human history has been completely renewed, re-seen, reoriented, into HIM WHO has become All in all.

The thing about this "All in all" idea, for those who are looking for this in the "future," is that once God is "All in all," that will include the "past."

Which means, if we are paying attention, that God IS ALL in ALL right now!

The words sound trite and maybe overused, but only if we have yet to see, if we have not found that "purity of heart" in which we see only God.

Why is that so important?

Because that is where the Love is. How could God, Who is Love, "permit" a universe in which we are not ultimately "safe" in Him? The "safety" is found in seeing Him unboundedly everywhere, in everything, expressing Himself in all that is -- even in, and maybe even most especially in, those things which seem as if they would be the opposite of what we would think He would be.

(Here's a hint: Look for him everywhere. Even if the devil is in front of you, taunting you, telling you how gross, how for-yourself, how dumb-ass stupid you are, look for God in him. If people are treating you so unfairly you almost want to surmount an armed rebellion, look for God in them. If you think somebody has gone out of their way to hurt you or to cause you trouble or pain, look for God in them. If you are absolutely convinced, and you have all the evidence you need to prove it in a court of law, that somebody has slandered you, has made light of you, has ridiculed and libeled you, look for God in them.)

You will not be disappointed.

Once you see it, there is not a corner of the universe where you do not hear the Father's voice. Or see His handiwork.

Folks, this is NOT a doctrine.

It is the bread of life, which you can only know by feeding off His Body and drinking His Blood. If you want to live, open your eyes and look around and declare that every where you look, every thing you see, is the Living God in His perfection.

Do that in the way the Lord gives you, but please do it. There is no life any other way.

And that ain't law, it's grace.