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God's Best For You
by Michael Daniel

"You should never settle for something that is not God's best for you." Jane Doe, Psychologist.

I have purposely omitted the real name of the one who made this statement. I will, however ask this simple question. Isn't everything God's best for us? Even when we are plunged into the depths of despair; when the pain is so great that we think God is killing us or has totally abandoned us, are not these the times that God is refining us and purifying us and burning out all that is of the world and the flesh?

I'm not trying to be argumentative at all. I have just seen too many examples of how destitute and condemned people get when so many pastors, preachers and psychologists tell them that God wants them to be happy and healthy and wealthy and have not a care in the world.

These precious children of God do everything that the so-called ones in the know tell them to do and still their life is a living hell. There health is shot; they're out of work and broke; their husband or wife is cheating on them and on and on and on. They do their very best to walk the line that the experts tell them to and still they are in agony. The result is that a mountain of guilt and condemnation is heaped upon them and then the deception that God must hate them overtakes them. They have done their very best and still they are as bad off, if not more so, than they were. Their best just isn't good enough for God, so they think, and in a way they are right. How can frail, feeble, faulty, limited human beings ever do anything to impress the Almighty, Sovereign Omnipotent God?

The sad thing is that instead of the joy that should come from the freedom knowing that; "Apart from Me you can do nothing", hopelessness results. God has given up on them so they might as well give up on Him. This mindset is the result of sweet cream and sugar coated sermons and psychological solutions that are the futile imaginings of man's mind.

The worst that happens to those who are truly seeking God is that they are in an almost constant state of despair. It is not depression. It goes much deeper than that and the ones that experience it can't put a finger on why it is happening or explain it and when they try to, most people think they're crazy. This is what St. John of the Cross calls the Dark Night of the Soul and it is real and terrifying. It is God's great expurgation at work in His chosen children.

Many speak of the refining fire of God as if it is a birthday party in the park. In reality the refining fire of God literally burns the hell out of you and is the most excruciatingly painful experience anyone could imagine.

It is a dangerous and deceptive business to paint a rosy and easy picture of the journey in Christ. Two of the greatest examples of God's pathway are Job and Jesus Himself. Why should a good and perfect man and the Son of the Living God not be spared suffering and we expect to be? Jesus says it is simple but He never says it is easy.

To travel the road of Christ and to truly know Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit we are purposed by God to trod that very same narrow road. But as you have heard me say many times, don't believe one single word I write or say. The Holy Spirit is within you.

What is God's best for us? Is it not the what and where of the very moment?

Written May 7, 2010