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Me and Jerry Lee Lewis!
by Dee Dee Winter

One word of caution…don’t set up a false standard of behavior for yourself and others. Religion says you don’t do this and you do do that…but we live in the freedom of the Spirit. We have such a false image of who and how the human Jesus was, that we set up this same external standard of behavior for ourselves and others….and then gather Scriptures around the false standards to support them. Immediately the one that comes to my mind is about our bodies being temples of the Holy Spirit….therefore we should not smoke or drink or over eat.

But in freedom we find that Christ eats, smokes and drinks as us….in order to get us out among those who need us. As us He goes to discos, and goes gambling, and goes everywhere among the people! The issue we fight is thinking we shouldn’t and then try not to….and trying is the sin of Romans 7. Until we are settled about Christ being our life we still try to “perform” the Christian life…rather than just Being Him in every aspect of life as He leads.

When I first came into a living relationship with Christ through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, long before I knew union, I experienced something that redirected my life almost as much as the Baptism. I was trying to figure out where I fit into the everyday in this phenomenal new existence. Gary and I were scheduled to go out with friends to see Jerry Lee Lewis at a local club. I was stricken as to how I could go there and yet I knew I could not refuse to go where Gary wanted to go. We went in and got a table right next to the stage. He came on and we were all staining listening to him perform…I sure hope you know who he is!

I stood there with my elbow on the stage three feet from him watching him and then watching the crowd with their hands in the air cheering and screaming in wild approval of his music. I would look at him and look at them….and look at him and look at them enraptured because these folks looked JUST LIKE the 10,000 I had just seen a few days earlier at a Charismatic service!

He looked straight down at me and growled in his very best Jerry Lee Lewis growl, “Smile honey, if nobody else loves you, Jeeeeeehesus does!” I knew that God was saying to me that it was PERFECTLY FINE for me to be in these places…I have never forgotten it, although at the time, in my infancy, I did not fully understand how VITAL this touch from Him would be for the rest of my life!

All this to say, give your people freedom and the fact that Christ IS their life and that He causes them to walk in His ways. If there is any ‘adjustment’ needed, tell them to put the onus on Christ, who is their life….for He is the one to change behavior, not us!