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The Lie of Separation
by Bob Crawford

The lie of separation becomes more and more apparent as I continue to grow in my awareness of being one with Him. The things that I so naturally referred to in the past (and still as I shake off the death clothes) as "me" or "mine" are really "we" and "ours". In retrospect, all of my life now has been lived from and understood through the lenses of separation. It was the un-thought given -- the foundation upon which all other beliefs and actions stood. Events, actions, decisions, interpretations, relationships, problems, successes all were interpreted somehow, in someway, from a perspective of "I" alone and separate from God, others, and even myself. It made me an enemy of God in my own mind. And that is what we were -- enemies in our own deceived minds. I called it guilt or shame or conviction or condemnation, but they all resounded against the sounding board of the lie of independent self or the lie of separation. Not that the lie is unreal. It is very much as real as I unknowingly believed it to be. In fact, this was its hidden power over me. As in all demonic deception, I didn't even recognize it as a lie at all. It was my truth, the light that was in my eye as darkness, as Jesus called it.

The lie supported all thoughts, desires, feelings, sins, deeds, relationships, fears, hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals, abilities, talents, inadequacies, strengths, failures etc. as somehow uniquely "mine". And this gave me "my" identity, separate from others, and unique before God. But it was deceived self bound to the invisible and unrecognized lying independent self of Satan.

The darkness could not over come the light. No, out of the darkness the light is revealed. And I began to recognize my separation from God because of sin's deceitfulness. And then there was the Gospel and the good news of Jesus saving me from my sins.

But the foundation remained in all that I called mine and believed to be me. Millions upon millions of misbeliefs hidden within countless memories and thoughts stored up in my mind from my life. What memory do I have that hasn't been tainted by the lie of independent self or the lie of separateness? No wonder Jesus says that we will know the Truth and the will set us FREE. He absolutely turns our worlds upside down and inside out when we realize that we are ONE. We are not separate from those who don't understand us, hate us, think differently than we do, believe that we are off the wall or even heretics. They are all forgiven sinners whether they know it or not. And we have been given the opportunity to love them as enemies or friends until they too see that they are as much a part of Him/us as we are them/Him. And all of this is Him. There is only one person in the universe.