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The Simplicity
by Fred Pruitt

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

It is the simplest thing, and it IS under our nose, so close we can't see it. That is why this is so difficult to write about, because it is so simple.

Jesus said, "If you've seen the Me then you've seen the Father." ME?

Here we are back to the Incarnation and back to, in my opinion, the whole purpose for all of this. "All this" (meaning everything) has only one purpose -- to effect the Incarnation throughout the whole of the universe. To manifest into the consciousness of every creature in heaven and earth that God IS ALL and in all. In the Incarnation God walking fully as Man is the only possible meaning of the Cross, so that God & man, God & creation, could be restored into their original unity through Christ. The Fulness of the Godhead bodily.

Which brings us to the NOW. NOW IS the time. Welcome to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!!!! Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. In other words, right here, right now, this is as good as it's gonna get!

That might cause a lot of folks to stiffen and say "WHOA -- Wait a minute!" because, "Surely I can't be left here" and "I'm going to get a new body" -- I'm not talking about that stuff. I'm saying, open our eyes to see that right now the fulness of the Godhead IS. There is nothing "out there," nor nothing "in here," that is outside Him. He is ALL in all.

This is a more present reality than our brains can comprehend, which is one of the reasons why the fact that total LOVE and total perfection which is here, right now, in the present moment, cannot be intellectually comprehended. We keep wanting to analyze it, and tell how it works and why, or make excuses for why it isn't quite so right now, when it can never be grasped that way, since it IS. It can only be "known." And "known" means to BE it.

It is the Pearl of Great Price which you sell all you have to buy. If the onion peels could be peeled off all at once (which would be too great a shock to our system and why Moses could only see God's "backside") then we would see that right now, right here, the Kingdom of Heaven exists in ALL its fulness. Everywhere God IS, Heaven IS, and God IS everywhere, therefore Heaven is everywhere. (I've written these words maybe thousands of times now and they almost seem trite but they are so woefully inadequate to represent the truth they try to portray. This is no dogmatic point I seek to drive home, but the sweetness of Being, the Wholeness of God which any time, any where [and often at the oddest and most surprising moments] can break through and flow over our conscious minds and draw our hearts and minds into the most subtle and sublime worship of the invisible Friend Who is So Ourselves and Beyond Ourselves and also ALL the other selves, too. It is too great for us, and yet all that we are is He. Undone we are, yet raised to heights of glory we can only see in dimness and can hardly utter until the Day of their fulfillment.)

HE IS LORD of heaven AND earth. Heaven AND earth are full of THY glory. The Psalm uses present tense.

If we seek ourselves outside Christ then we seek a will 'o the wisp, a non-existence for there is only one place where our life is found. "Your life is hid in Christ in God ... When he shall appear, then shall you also appear in glory." Another way of putting "I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life I now live in the flesh." (We do know, don't we, that that is not a scientific formula, in which we have to determine what are the proportions of each part needed to get the equation to come out right, but that in this living reality, it only "works" when we come by grace to lose all and find ourselves undone into nothingness and then He rises up in us as the All of Who we are, so that we rise again not ourselves and yet more ourselves than we can comprehend, since we still see a city afar off, to which by grace we are drawn more fervently every moment, and as we trek along, the wake we create brings whiffs of glory to passersby who often turn, even unbeknownst to us, and walk in the sweet savor of life that follows us secretly wherever we go?)

Getting back to "this is it, welcome to the marriage supper" what I mean is not that there is not a greater fulfillment in experience on the other side. Of course there is. But in oneness eternity & time are married and are the same. This, this that you see now, that you feel now, that you hear now, THIS is it, do not wait for another day, for THIS DAY is the DAY the Lord has made. THIS DAY! And HE IS KING over all, THIS DAY! THIS DAY!

"You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased."

Open your eyes and behold the glory of the Lord. Creation dances with the light-rays and the fireworks of the Lord!

Where you can least see it, and in your universe it is where it is coming from, is in You. Since you have a treasure in an earthen vessel, the glory is coming from you. YOU enlighten your universe! You ARE the salt of the earth! You ARE the light of the world! YOU!!!!!

Why??? -- because in hiddenness He shines forth from you -- you, the one whose "identity" He created that He might wear it as Himself -- as you are! He's a tiny babe in a manger, known only to a few maybe.

It does not depend on your "thinking" or on your "believing" but on Him. And HE IS faithful to be the expression of Himself He has determined from eternity to be in and AS you.

If it depended on "my thinking" then I'd be bouncing around in & out of God and His kingdom millions of times a day as every possible thought runs through my head, some of them catching my attention for quite a while. If it depended on my "moment by moment believing" then it wouldn't be a free gift of grace. It wouldn't be love. God really wouldn't be my friend.

I spoke wedding vows only once. I've been married ever since, no matter how I've felt about it, whether I doubted it or believed in it. Doesn't matter how I've felt about it, or even if I have thought things were going well or not so well. By my (our) word we became married. And it has remained so from the moment of that confession.

It's the one idea we have the hardest time shaking, that there's just got to be SOMETHING I have to do! NO, for ye ARE DEAD, and your life is HID WITH CHRIST IN GOD. You don't depend on a dead person for anything. You look to the LIVING. And the LIVING PERSON is invisibly, impercetibly, YOU!!!

"Show us the Father" -- "If you've seen ME, then you've seen the Father!" Where is HE??? You are looking at Him, you are thinking Him, you are knowing Him, you are looking OUT FROM HIM. You cannot look back into yourself to see yourself, and that is where God is, and there will never be any more of Him than there is in this present moment. And He will never be any more YOU and ME than HE IS in this present moment. (We will only know it more.)


But no matter how much we hear this, we still think there is just something about "us" that still needs a little tweak in order to make it work. Paul says we were chosen in Him before the foundation of the earth, therefore we are waking up to an eternal reality. This is not to bog us down in theological difficulties right here, but to see the WONDERFUL WONDERFUL THING -- i.e. that time & eternity are ONE, and we have the privilege of walking out in a moment by moment sequential life the expression of God's limitless freedom in our lives. Paul says, "But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach Him among the heathen ..." In other words, there is never a moment in life when His fulness is not at work accomplishing His will, and the "times" of our "awakenings" are determined by Him, and He is faithful to do it because He cannot deny Himself.

Therefore do not wait for the day of completion to believe that you are HE LIVING RIGHT NOW. BE CHRIST NOW! "Coming home" is seeing God fully in the present moment -- by faith. What you take takes you.

Anything is possible from that moment on. Even the reconciliation of all things, or the salvation of the world.