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The Resurrection, What Does it Mean!
by Roy Paschal Davis

Anastasis (an-as'-tas-is) a standing up again, i.e. (literally) a resurrection from death, raised to life again.

I think that if history serves us correctly, the Resurrection will be no doubt the biggest surprise that all humanity will ever experience. I believe, that there will be very little if any words spoken at that time, to Him! Knowing that God will continue to do things that are not imaginable! In Him, the opposite is the norm! The word “Resurrection” I believe, is beyond the boundaries of our mental capacity of understanding.

Try this for a starter, "I am!" That is a statement of truth that many great, learned, rich and poor have never been able to grasp. I really do not believe that Moses Himself understood fully, those eternal two words that have resounded through countless centuries and on into eternity future.

The “resurrection” is not an end time event, it is a “Person” John 11:25, I Am the resurrection. Truly, if we think about this, it is in harmony with Him saying that “I am the way, or "I am the Truth” or “I am that I am” What we are seeing here is a personality, not a human event at the end of the age!

In Him dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead! In Him, we live and move and have our being! In Him is life; in Him is absolute power and authority. In Him is the fullness of all revelation! In Him is healing and sanity! In Him is our redemption! In Him is our hope and faith! In Him, we were made righteous! In Him, we have eternal life! In Him, we are forever forgiven and sealed! In Him, we are called the just! In Him, we are called over comers! We are more than conquerors in whom? In Him! Finally, in Him is the hope of the bodily resurrection, the question is, “whose”! 1 Corinthians 12:12 for as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, is one body: so also is Christ.

Now, it would seem to be just and reasonable to avoid the assumption in thinking that this event shall happen “Again”! What shall happen in the future is the physical bodies will be reunited to its previous dweller, and be judged accordingly. My friend in “Him”, it has happened, we are “Standing up” in the power of his might, we are totally pardoned, forgiven and cleansed from all sins! Where do you think “New Birth”, takes place? It is in Him! Something must be said about the difference between the resurrection of some of the Old Testament saints and men such as Lazarus. They all came out of their grave by a calling of someone that was not dead. The saints that were resurrected immediately after the Resurrection of Jesus came alive(first) and then left their graves(in newness of life). He is the “First Fruit” of Resurrection Life. He, Christ called Himself, or should I say gently, Stood up, on his on power. From that moment on, He who dies in Christ has been raised from the dead, and has the “Newness of Life” as He (Christ) has always had it!

As each of you prepare for Easter (in whatever country, culture or tradition) remember this Resurrection Sunday (for Americans, and parts of Africa) and week for (Latin America) the emphasis is on his “Resurrection” not solely on his Death. His resurrection was the deathblow to Satan and his entire wicked host who followed Him into eternal darkness. For that day shall always be the “lighthouse” for wayward travelers in the darkness of this world. Remember you are as He is, shinning lights, righteous, wise, over comers, soldiers, saints, vessels of honor, more than conquerors, walkers in faith, fishers of men, men and women of valor and truth, peacemakers, Blessers of others, Apostols, missionaries, pastors, prophets, evangelist, deacons (servants) in his house, hilarious givers, lovers of truth, honest in all things, doers of his word, trees of righteousness, messengers of hope and health, planters, water bearers for thirsty souls, sweet aroma unto God our Savior, Fellowshippers before Him, Godly Mothers and Strong and gentle Fathers, all is from Him, for Him, and In Him, our Hope and Glory! Amen!!!

Your friend in Jesus