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A Website Response
by Fred Pruitt

This lady has written me a few times. She came via the website.

Dear ________,

Thanks again for writing. It was wonderful what you said. Yes, when the fulness (and that's a ongoing event) hits you of Who you are by virtue of fact that Galatians 2:20 is literally true in yourself, all the world becomes new -- again. For most of us it became new the first time when we were found of the Lord, and then the Lord trains us up Himself through all His human agents (who do us good or ill, doesn't matter), and we start to realize God's fulfillment of Paul's prayer in ourselves individually -- that "the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ" is fulfilled in us as His Sons not by any "works" of our own, and by "works" I mean thoughts, words, deeds, behaviors, prayer-time, study, doctrinal knowledge, understanding, emotion, etc., i.e., anything in the human realm, none of that cuts the mustard -- the Son creates His own life in us by His own will which in our death and resurrection in Him, where our old master Satan is put out as Jesus became Sin for us in His death, and we are made the righteousness of God when He rose from the dead by the Spirit of the Father, the same Spirit poured out unto all flesh on the Day of Pentecost and which now indwells us as God's Shekinah in each of us individually as well as all of us collectively. And it is a new heavens and a new earth when we realize that we ourselves are He living, that "he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit," (one person) and we are "dead, and our life hid with Christ in God," and there and only there, in Christ only, God only, do we find any identity at all, for any other identity except a life hidden in Christ in God is dead, so that now our life has become like Paul's, "to live is Christ." Yes, it's a new day.

Changing subjects, I didn't know they had that picture up on the Norman website. DeeDee Winter, who hosts the site, is one of my senior partners in crime. Yes, I knew him, and you need to get in with a bunch of folks one night when everyone is swapping stories and hear some swapped Norman stories. He was quite a character and affected quite literally hundreds of thousands of people, but was also quite easy to be with and communicate with and had no airs about him whatsoever. If you want to hear a couple of Norman stories that I wrote about you can go to the Christ as Us site and I think it's in the "history" link. That picture was taken I think around 1982 when Janis & I attended a conference down in Albany GA. We're a touch older now. And I saw your awe that we knew him but knowing Norman was easy because He was accessible to everyone and I'd like to say that, in a way, it was no special thing to know Norman, for knowing him was just like knowing any other man, but I can't leave it at that, because He had found the reality of Christ living in Him and in ways I can't explain he had this profound effect on people, not large numbers but still a big bunch, and the effect was that he transferred that living reality to others. And not to those others as disciples of himself, not at all, but to put them off him (as any sort of human teacher) and onto God Himself as our only source of Wisdom and Knowledge and Power etc. Not to deny the human agencies, but to in maturity bring us to Christ Himself living in us, "formed in us," as living agencies of the Living God, and being in faith exactly as He has determined in the present moment. And this is of course true in us right in this moment.

I just found the link to that article: here it is

You asked I think if I would mind if you sent some writings? No, I wouldn't mind at all; thank you for sharing.

Off I go.