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Fixed Revelation
by Fred Pruitt

You know, I know I'm on the bare edge of heresy here, so this is just 'tween us (and anyone else who wouldn't be offended to the depths), but the thought has been building in me for some time now regarding how we each manifest (or interpret or live) Christ unique and afresh in our generations -- i.e., the Christ of C.T. Studd, or Jacob Boehme, or Norman Grubb et al, is, in a sense, not "my" Christ. It can't be lived vicariously. He is unique and fresh and uncompromisingly new in each generation, in each person in that generation. So we build on the faith of those who went before us, but the faith then becoming real in us, it (HE) becomes us, and we no longer long after "their Christ" because we have found our own true self.

And, doesn't this "new uniqueness" in each of us spring from and only from the absolute freedom that is found in His depths?

While not advocating writing new books and claiming they are equal to scripture, still one problem with the human idea of a "fixed revelation", which, on the one hand, seemingly upholds the Rock, the unchangeableness, the immutability of God, but on the other hand, probably not meaning to, that "idea" frowns on fresh "words" from God. As if God has ceased speaking as fully and as personally and as-in-the-moment as in 30 A.D. in Palestine.

But the idea doesn't jive with the story. And by the story i mean that how God became man and walking as Emmanuel among us, and how as the Lamb of God He brought us in to His own bosom, and made us one person with Him in a union of love, and that in that union He walks & lives again in fulness and newness in and as us, where he has not set limits on Himself, where in His presence (which is ALWAYS and has nothing to do with how we "feel"), there is the continual dialogue of God every moment making each moment new and real and FILLED WITH the fulness of God. Again, to emphasize my "theme," the continuation of the incarnation in each of us!

And that just doesn't jive with this human idea of a "fixed revelation." Not the way it's generally perceived, i think, but who knows? Still, certainly contained within its pages is everything I've written above, which to me points to the certainty of it l (the holy scriptures). The scriptures i think stand alone, and need no doctrinal defense or comment.

But the "idea" of "fixed revelation," therefore, does exactly what the Sanhedrin did in their Moses. God was back there, in the past, so we look only to the God of the past. But real "religion," came in the form of John the Baptist, and his almost antithesis Jesus of Nazareth, and they both completely overturned their applecart of the "God of our fathers."

This was God in the present moment IN A PERSON and they couldn't deal with God face-to-face, like the children of Israel who were afraid to look at the mountain and wanted Moses to go up there for them.

But their plan backfired and in trying to avoid God they instead got their sins forgiven by the word of the One who spoke from the Cross. They yelled "His blood be upon us," to Pilate, and so it was. They mocked and raged and He broke open the graves and reconciled the world unto Himself.

But there is always this resistance, I think, to God in the present moment. To stand before God in the present moment, means we are faced up. God in the past is comfortable. God in the future is the Hope. God in the present moment can strike terror.

How can we "come boldly" before the throne of Grace? Only one who has died can see Him, for "no man shall see God and live." There is always the necessary resistance to death. But only in dying and rising in Him do we lose the shame of our nakedness and going back the way Adam came we once again walk naked with no shadows with the Lord God in the cool of the day.

And, interestingly, that tree is still over there, but having tasted it AND the other tree, I've learned I like the other tree better and there's a much better view from there. So I'm stickin' with the tree I like.

But then what does that mean? It means that the God of our Fathers, who was to them the present-moment God, the God of Abel and Enoch and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, is our God, that He is not some dead concept from the past, but He is today in this moment the God of Elijah, the God of David, the God of Daniel, only TODAY He is also the God of Fred or the God of John or the God of Ray .... the God of Daniel is MY God!!!

Now, today, the Lion's Den is conquered by the present-moment God, MY God, and further, Emmanuel is alive in me, HE has risen, He walks in this world, fresh, new, unique, surprising, in a mysterious totality of love, in me.

That's why the mystery of freedom is at the heart of all this. ONLY in freedom can we become His Sons. He is free -- to live in God one must be "what" He is, or be burned up! He IS free! Fear hath torment, but perfect love casts out fear!

To live in Him means living from the unbounded depths of His Being, recognizing One King Only, knowing no contrary will.

Where we do this of course is in traffic jams on the freeway, in lines at the post office or grocery store, in front of the boss, arguing with our kids, paying our bills, writing letters, late nights alone with our loves, watching a good movie, watching a terrible movie you're sorry you rented, opening the January heat bill, preaching sermons, taking showers, walking in the park, shopping at T J Maxx, cooking supper, changing a poopy diaper, reading a toddler a bedtime story, losing your cool with your rebellious teenager, getting a hundred on a test, etc etc etc ....

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God .... Unto the pure all things are pure ....