Christ As Us
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by Nancy Fitzpatrick Gilmore

Recently I was asked the question: Have you experienced such torment?
Yes, I have been tormented, more than once! I can't recall what the circumstances were at the time but I have been tormented enough to know that when it comes to an “intercessory life” this is a part of God working out His love and faith in us for others.

It's a serious thing to be a person and we have no idea what a tremendous thing this is, or how tremendously we are made, or what we have been involved with through the fall as spirit/soul beings.

Hell is a real place of torment and it touches us, but Jesus told "The Church" (we, true believers) that the "gates of hell” shall not prevail against us. We are the ones who shall prevail against the gates of hell!

We have received the Keys to the KINGDOM of God! We are in union with Christ Jesus, Our Lord. And when there are area’s He wants moved…
[remember, we are spirit Beings]… we seem to enter into a realm of darkness, sometimes thick darkness, for a "perfecting" (suffering!) —being worked in us of Him; for an outcome which only He has in mind, but where we force our way through as a part of His sanctifying work in us.