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The Sovereignty Of God
by Michael Daniel

Is Satan the cause of all our problems? Is Satan the cause of ANY of our problems? Is every horrible, awful, sufferable thing that happens in our life caused by Satan to twart the purpose God has intended for us? Is it that sometimes God wins, sometimes Satan wins? When we are in a situation or circumstance that we don't like or want to be in, is it Satan that has us in his clutches? Is Satan in control of what is going on when bad things happen to us? Has God lost favor with us and just deserted us in times of our weakness and inability? Can something or someone defeat God? A frightening thought indeed.

Are we are the cause of all our problems? Are our poor choices, our short tempers, our hard heads, our sinful nature, and on and on, the only reasons we find ourselves in our desperate state and dire straits?

"If only I hadn't done this or said that things would be a lot better. I wouldn't be in this miserable shape doing and saying the things I don't want to if I could just control myself. I am the reason things always go wrong and never work out right. How can I live in this situation even one more day? I might as well be dead. I'm no use to myself or anyone, especially God. Why would He want a sorry, no good wretch like me?"

Is God's purpose to be obliterated by what WE do or say? Are we more powerful than God?

Is God the cause of what we THINK are problems? Could it be that God, the Creator of all things literally rules and reigns sovereign over everything, including US? Could it be that God is The One and ONLY ONE that causes everything to happen just as He wants? Has God purposed everything and is He doing everything for His great pleasure and glory, or did He merely create all things and then just throw up His hands and say; " you're on your own. Let's see what you do with it all."? Can anyone really believe that God is truly God and think this way?

Have we not been bought with a price? Is it not God's great pleasure to do with us, to us, for us and through us anything He wants? Is it Gods purpose or is God merely watching from a far far distance, hoping things will all work out? Does this attitude portray the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing, All Seeing, Omnopotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, All Sovereign Creator as an impotent, weak minded being that is under our control? God's just a genie in a bottle if this is the way things are. This mindset makes the creature rule over The Creator. How utterly absurd! If God isn't doing everything then how can He be doing ANYTHING?

The ways of God are beyond all comprehension, even to the angels. Maybe that's why we can only know Him through His revelations to our hearts. The simple fact is...He is God! He does what He wants, when He wants and how He wants and He does it all out of Love for He IS Love!

God sprinkles the dust, and He alone knows where it falls. Amen.