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Independence or IN "DEPENDENCE"
by Michael Daniel

It's not cynical or sinful to have negative thoughts. Remember, Satan IS real. His job is to deceive us and make us believe we're not who we truly are. Could it be, however, that God has purposed Satan for that very reason? Does He cause Satan to lie to us and through the lies could God be bringing us to know the truth? Well, if we know that a lie IS a lie, then the truth becomes simple and eternally real. Knowing the truth makes us unshakable and immovable. Knowing the truth secures in us absolute peace and rest in ALL circumstances. We must first experience the negative, and from it God brings about His positive. He awakens through His Holy Spirit within us. INTERNALLY!

The systems of man will point us to every EXTERNAL imaginable. The system will give us a step by step plan of "how to do it". How to gain favor with God. How to make brownie points with Him so we'll be rewarded. How to make God happy with us so He won't blast us with lightening bolts. How to get anything we want from God, and even the ridiculous notion of how to do God's job for Him. I've actually heard some pastors make the absurdly arrogant and egotistical declaration that; "We're the only hands God has to use. We're the only legs He can walk on. We're the only eyes He can see through. We've got to get out there and do the job for God", and blah and blah and blah. The system will tell you that if you read the bible enough, pray enough, fast enough, go to church enough and do and Do and DO then you'll FINALLY get it. We have ALL of Christ Jesus! We don't get Him from an installment plan. The price has been PAID IN FULL!

God isn't someone who needs, or is pathetically helpless without man. Did God ask man's opinion or advice before He created anything? I seem to remember God saying to Job; "Where were YOU, when I created the heavens and the earth?". Who made who? The simple truth is that if we knew the How, What, Why, Where, and When of God we wouldn't need God. Sounds like wanting to eat from the "Tree of Knowledge" doesn't it?

God didn't create from need. God created out of LOVE! He WANTED to do it! If God hadn't wanted Himself in earthen vessels WE wouldn't be here. We are merely vessels and branches. Without the life giving water within, the cup is without purpose. Does a branch have to DO anything to produce fruit? The branch exerts NO EFFORT! It simply Is there. The vine holds it, nourishes it, strengthens it, and makes it grow. It is the vine who brings forth the fruit. Are we "The Vine"?

No one can do anything for God. Jesus Himself never did anything for God. Now don't pass out or start gathering rocks to stone me just yet. Jesus boldly stated; "I do NOTHING on My own initiative. I ONLY do what I see the FATHER do". This glorified The Father, not the flesh. As The Spirit of God moved in Him to will and do, so Jesus did.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that no one should go to church. I'm not bashing pastors, nor am I saying that people shouldn't pray or read the bible or any of the things I earlier mentioned. What I AM saying, is that we shouldn't DEPEND on them. Our ONLY dependence IS GOD! He is The All In All! God is our EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING depends on God! The systems of, "how to do it", will always fail and fail miserably and let's face it, there are countless systems. It's impossible to get something we've already got, isn't it? God literally IS our "Dependence" and turning to externals as a source of provision is not only futile, it makes null and void the finished work of Christ.

A gift cannot be paid for. We cannot earn what Love has already given us. God GAVE us His Son and in Him we are totally sufficient.

So what will it be? External exhaustion or internal inheritance?

Independence or IN "DEPENDENCE"?