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Getting It
by Fred Pruitt

This is to a friend who keep having trouble believing he is "getting it."

Thanks __________,

I appreciate the kind words and of course you DO "get it" because IT IS and you're just in the flow of it.

Have you ever flipped your car? I did, one time when I was 18. I wasn't being a bad driver either, just an inexperienced one, because I was coming up a mountain on a 60 mph hwy doing less than the speed limit, and I went around a curve to the right and it was misting rain & my back end fishtailed. I turned into it but overcompensated and suddenly found myself completely unable to control the car as it spun around and across the road & flipped into an embankment on the other side finally coming right side up. I didn't have a seatbelt on so I remember pummeling back & forth against the steering wheel with my chest.

The whole deal was surreal, because it couldn't have been more than 10 seconds of time, yet time and my senses were suspended and I seemed almost a passive observer of this event happening. I WAS the movie, and yet watching it impassively at the same time. And then SLAP! it was over, as the car came to a stop right side up, and I immediately got out of the car and flagged down a guy probably 5 seconds later. He took me home (I wouldn't go to the hospital).

Maybe my point is hazy here, but it has to do with you "getting it."

Buddy, there ain't nuthin' to get. You're it. You are it. You are living it. You are being it. That's the whole point of grace. When you open your Christmas presents you don't say right after that, "When are we going to get our Christmas presents?" There they are, all over the floor in various piles by the various people, with wrapping paper & ribbons & bows and boxes all about. Later on we all gather up ours and take them back with us and start using our presents (ideally).

But when you get your presents you get your presents. The day has come. The Present has been given in The Present. And tag, YOU'RE IT!

You are THE PRESENCE in the PRESENT which is a Present (gift) of God.

See, the other way, the attainment way, the law way, it's never a present (gift), and the day never comes because there is always more of the Promised Land to conquer, more Canaanites to root out and kill, every man, woman and child, and the end never comes, the land is never conquered, we keep having trouble with Baal creeping into our hearts & minds everyday because we become superstitious about every deed or thought or emotion or attitude or condition of life and evil grabs our consciousness because we are looking for it behind every nook and cranny and under every rock in every closet because we know Baal is there somewhere by golly and if we can get rid of every bug he's put on us we can get spiritual enough to be approved of God and of ourselves.

Baal is apart from God and we are in his bailiwick when we have to attain to God, because the breach between us is not passable because earth cannot attain to heaven, flesh cannot become spirit, and new wine bursts old wineskins. But heaven can come in and fill earth, spirit can quicken flesh and one day make a whole new flesh, and new wine comes pouring out from above into new wineskins within us.

So we are the earth that has wholly been consecrated to the Lord and brings forth the fruit by no action of its own, save its willing reception of the seed and the water and the sunlight.

And when you once realize that you are the point, a nexus point if you will, where two worlds come together and one is infused with the other (and by that I just mean that in you heaven and earth come together, in a single point in Christ, and Christ infuses Himself into your earth, and your earth infuses itself back into Christ from whence it came to come back to its original newness and virginity, purity of heart and mind and soul), when you realize you ARE THAT POINT where Divinity has chosen of HIMSELF to be Himself, I mean in and AS YOU, then you become the outflowing river instead of the needy drinker who never has enough.

Drink of one well and you thirst again. Drink of the True Well and you never thirst again. Never thirst again.

The well is in you, you drink of it every day, it upholds you in the darkness and the desert and the storm, and comforts you in the nighttime, and sustains you in good and in evil, and you now come to see you are the FLOWING OUT POINT, not of your own puny efforts or whether you think you've done it "right" or done it "wrong," but by His Spirit who has promised to walk in you and causes you to work God's burden of love in the world.

So, brother, you don't "get" that, it "gets YOU"!!!!!! You just be. "I WILL" says God. Therein do we rest.

"I will both lay me down and sleep, in peace, for thou, O Lord, only makest me to dwell in safety." (Ps 4:8).

All my love,