Coming To The End

By Norman Grubb

There is a day, a season, usually prefaced by many agonizing days, when at last our straining self, stretched and taut like an elastic, gives way. We were crucified with Christ all along, but now faith enters into this intelligently as fact. If we were crucified with Him, we also rose with Him, and now at last we can see that that means the New One within is living His life within us. He always was since redemption, but he had to spend those months and often years working us out of ourselves by walking in us into all sorts of frustrating situations, which we handled wrongly every time by our self-reactions to them; and I reckon the Indwelling Christ has many a laugh as He sees us bumbling and stumbling along, and knows the good though painful lessons we are learning by stubbing our toes on this and then that; but knowing also that we shall see, because He has already started looking out on things His way through our eyes, and will go on until we learn the difference between us looking through our own eyes and He looking through them.  

taken from God Unlimited by Norman Grubb

His Love in Your Spirit

Most of us have a very poor opinion of ourselves. It is a Christian disease. And you would think God had an even worse opinion of us. He doesn’t. Why does He have such a high opinion of us? Everything negative ended on the Cross. It was done, finished. He emerges from the smoke and fire a passionate Lord. He does not care what you were. He is not interested in the old creation. Or its fall. Or what used to be here. Is God enamored, then, with what He did for you? I am utterly amazed at the way He forgot it all!  He does not care about what He did on the cross. It is over. It is done. It is finished.  He got what He wanted. You are part of His bride; you are perfect, pure. You are holy. You are a virgin. He is only wanting one thing. He wants you to start loving Him. Now! Hang the future. Forget the past. There is only one thing left and it is right now.  

“Lord Jesus, You said I was beautiful. I’m not going to argue the point. I am beautiful. You Lord, cannot see that I am a fallen being. You are no longer capable of that. I see I am. I feel I am. I know I am. But Lord, You do not know these things. I am just going to stop being bothered by it all. I know about my terrible state. I am going to take Your view. I am not here to be a forgiven sinner. I am not here to know that I have been made perfect. I have been made perfect. Today, I sin, but for Your sake, I must not let that get me down. In some amazing, incredible way, these things do not even bother You. You see me on a different plane, in a different dimension, in another creation. Lord, You want just one thing out of me. You want me to stand here and let You love me. You want me more than anything in the universe. As of right now, You’ve got me. You have forgotten everything, I forget everything. Do what you wish, love me.” 

What we are dealing with are things we just do not want to believe. You are almost repelled by such an idea. And yet, you want to believe it. If you ever do start believing it, there will be no event that ever happens to you but what you will sit down in front of it and rest.

I heard someone pray, “Lord, we are not worthy of this love.” That has got to go. I heard someone else, “Teach me to love You and receive Your love.” That has got to go. There is no more future. There no more, “Lord, teach me. . .” There is no more, Lord, my sinfulness.” “Now” is a big word in God’s universe. Get to the now. Love your Lord. Now. With all your heart. Now. The Lord Jesus Christ is looking for someone who will turn around and say, “Lord, I am blind to what I know about myself and to what is a space-time reality. I am open to all that You DO NOT know, or things You think are true which I believe cannot be true. I forget that You made a great mistake in educating me. I believe what You believe. . . about me. I believe You love me. I open my being to You. I embrace You. I yield utterly; You are free to love me. Let love begin.” It is like He is waiting for someone in the universe to be so daring as to dare to believe the absurd; to believe the ridiculous; to dare to believe what He sees. In that moment He gets His bride. Either God is God or He is not. Either He loves you or He does not. Either He died for you and it is finished or it is not. Either you are a holy, precious, beautiful, flawless, blameless, perfect, glorious virgin or you are not. Either He wishes to pour out His love on you right now or He does not. It is so easy to find out what is real. How? Yield! No. Crumble.  

taken from The Love of God by Gene Edwards