Coming To The End

By Norman Grubb

There is a day, a season, usually prefaced by many agonizing days, when at last our straining self, stretched and taut like an elastic, gives way. We were crucified with Christ all along, but now faith enters into this intelligently as fact. If we were crucified with Him, we also rose with Him, and now at last we can see that that means the New One within is living His life within us. He always was since redemption, but he had to spend those months and often years working us out of ourselves by walking in us into all sorts of frustrating situations, which we handled wrongly every time by our self-reactions to them; and I reckon the Indwelling Christ has many a laugh as He sees us bumbling and stumbling along, and knows the good though painful lessons we are learning by stubbing our toes on this and then that; but knowing also that we shall see, because He has already started looking out on things His way through our eyes, and will go on until we learn the difference between us looking through our own eyes and He looking through them.  

taken from God Unlimited by Norman Grubb

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  1. I was receiving daily devotionals by email but don’t receive them any longer. Are they still available? If so how do I go about receiving them again.

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