Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

The Tree
by Jon Ingham

"Just look at them" the tall tree said "they take my fruit from me." As squirrels run along each branch collecting food for tea

"They think its all I have to do providing food each year. A home to give them shelter from the animals they fear.

They don't give me my due respell they treat me just like dirt. Though I'm a tree I'm soft inside and very easily hurt.

The birds are just as bad you know they in my branches rest. Then do their courtship dances and build themselves a nest.

The eggs are laid and hatched and then too soon the babes have flown Then parents take to wing and leave their nest and me alone.

I'm just a tree, it isn't fair that I should bear the strain and be the only one that's wet when it begins to rain.

You see them standing round my trunk and feeding on my bark attacks like these it seems quite plain are bound to leave their mark.

Food, a home and shelter it makes my poor heart ache and everything I have to give they feel its theirs to take."

All these things that you have said I know that they are true

But I am God, remember tree, I gave your life to you....