Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Always in Peril
by DeeDee Winter

We have a neighborhood bible study with several women. We are in Acts and I have a book by Barkley telling his thoughts on it. There was a line that just stopped me. Counterfeit Christianity is always safe. Real Christianity is always in peril. It made me think of Paul and the Judaizers who always followed him trying to squelch the wholeness, finished work and freedom that he brought them and that we also have in Christ. There is not one thing we have to do. There is not one thing we can do. There is not one thing wrong with us. No sin; no Satan, except to tempt us to the truth of our fully redeemed selves.

It struck me in a new way in reading Jesus words to Paul "Why do you persecute ME"? Who was Paul persecuting???? Christians? NO! Christ who had come a second time in them; really Him! Truly an amazing God we have!