Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

It Is Wonderful
by Walter Lanyon

What matter what a thousand books say? What matter what a thousand sermons preach? You have entered into a reality where, having eyes, ye see, and ears, ye hear, that which the limited human sight and hearing is incapable of experiencing. You will flee then from the man whose breath is in his nostrils, who is still trying to sell you his John Smith brand of truth --- who is forever talking about the healings he has made or experienced; for you will be in a place where there is nothing to heal; there is only revelation to be brought out. You shall be silent and serene and joyous; a song will be singing deep in your heart that the world cannot help but see.

To judge not from the appearance is to cease the argument, wonder and guessing as to how, why, when, and where the power can or will manifest in your life. When the heaven of which Jesus so often spoke is discovered to be within your consciousness --- no matter what kind of hell your body has experienced nor what scars or burns are there --- the inspiration will move into manifestation and fulfill itself by the way of God, not by the way of man.

It is wonderful --- wonderful --- wonderful. Heaven and earth are full of thee --- of thee, of thee --- the all-inclusive, the One of which you are a point in consciousness. All my glorious Self pours through you into expression and yet all of it is left. No number of hearers can ever exhaust music. Because a person listens to music he does not destory anything of its volume --- and yet he has it all. So will it be with you.