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Daily Thoughts  

Way of Faith
by Norman P. Grubb

By faith Abraham....obeyed and went though he did not know where he was going" - Heb. 11:8

The "way of faith" is the only unfettered, unconquerable principle of advance. If with God's plan God's supply can be taken for granted, we need have only one concern - what is His plan? That is plain enough in all the biographies of the men of faith in the Bible. Once they had heard God's voice, the very principle of faith demanded that they act independently of the visible human reaources. they must call the things that be not as though they are. For faith is an absolute; what Paul calls faith unfeigned, and Jesus calls the single eye.

If it is faith in God, and God is the invisible source of all that is visible and both creates and manipulates His visible creation to His own ends, then unfeigned faith in God confines the believer to God. It shuts the door on reliance upon what are only God's creatures or on changing human events of which God is in ultimate control. The man of faith breathes the fresh air of eternity away up above the fogs and mists of time. He moves in the freedom of the heavenlies. The consequences are obvious. The human spirit, in union with God's Spirit, in disunion with any other kind of spirit, leaps out in the vision and commission of the Eternal. What it sees, it declares with the word of faith - against all appearances. What it declares, it sets about doing.