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You Say You Want Balance. . .?
by John Gavazzoni

It has always been a priority of the true and mature teacher of the Word of God, that he or she maintain a proper balance, that is, not to emphasize a truth or truths at the expense of other truths. That awareness is seen at it's best when seeking to find the cohesive bond which unites all spiritual truth into a full presentation of Him, who is Truth, our Lord Jesus. We find ourselves today at a point where the extant prophetic word, with it's varied expressions, gives indication that we are (1) in a dynamic time of transition and (2) that God is calling us to take a fresh look at what we have called, "the finished work of Christ" (Jn. 4:34; 17:4; Rom. 9:28; Phil. 1:6). If we do not realize that the normative Word is an ever unfolding Word which demands constant adjustment in our thinking and that, at it's cutting edge, may disturb what has been our status quo understanding of doctrinal balance, we may get stuck at a place where that which is deemed to be a balanced approach has been depriving us of the full truth of all that we have attempted to hold with equilibrium. Such is so when we do look afresh at Father's saving work completed in the Person and life of our Lord. As the Spirit of truth presses His claim upon our minds whispering gently but insistently that we have stopped short of valuing what God in Christ has accomplished for us, we find ourselves experiencing intolerable intellectual tension, tension that causes us again, and at a deeper level, to realize that "the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto Him..." (I Cor. 2: 14).

The prophetic declaration that ushers in a new day with a new norm is rarely one that speaks in what most would think is an appropriately centered emphasis. It is bold, demanding and seemingly impervious to the wisdom which says, "make room for the other instruments of God's orchestra of revelation to blend with your trumpet blast." But at some point after we hear from the piercing brass section, along comes the string, reed and percussion members to give a full bodied sound to the symphony of redemption. We have heard the blast of the trumpet announcing the next movement in the musical score but we must be brought to a new level of understanding of what has been sounded forth. For those who know a little about music let me illustrate a point. A composer or arranger may at times use a musical device whereby, either with a somewhat dissonant chord or a less than conclusive chord in the music's flow, he will "tease" the ear of the listener as it naturally craves a note and/or chord of resolution. By momentarily withholding that sound of consummation the composer or arranger makes the fulfilling sound all the more satisfying. So it is with the unfolding of biblical revelation. We must be bold enough to assert that until we reach the place that the New Testament writers pointed toward, we find in their inspired record a certain God-ordained dissonance, a construction of written revelation that leaves the most sincere seeker with a divinely induced frustration that cries out for that final, clear Word.