Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

All things
by Steve Pettit

Ask the Crucified One who authored his death and He will reply, "My Father." If crucified by the will of God, as horrifying as the experience was, it must end in triumph! "The fullness of joy is to behold God in every-thing!.

Seen rightly, even pain and suffering are agents of God's steadfast love, escorting us into glory. He will expose our inadequacies, but only to reveal Himself as our adequacy. He will identify our weaknesses, so his strength might become ours by experience.

when we begin to see life with GOD at the center, we have ears to hear Him say, "I dug your pits of fear, in order to intimately fill you with my perfect love. I dashed your house of dreams to personally build your house of life on unshakable reality. I meant your hellish despair . . .it drove you into my heavenly hope. I caused you to experience that haunting hollowness of heart so you might be filled, intimately and personally filled . . . with MY LIFE."