Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Lord! Thy Will be Done!
by Society of Friends

When Thou hast mastered me,
Then shall I be victor:
When Thou hast enslaved me,
Then shall I be free:
When Thou hast humbled me,
Then shall I be exalted.
When Thou hast prostrated me,
Then shall I be strong:
When Thou hast impoverished me,
Then shall I be wealthy:
When Thou hast emptied me,
Then shall I be full:
When Thou hast taken all,
Then shall I have all.
My Master, Lo, I come to Thee:
Fulfill Thy paradox in me.


He called for my life--and I offered it at His footstool; but He gave it me again with unspeakable addition. He called for my will, and I resigned it at His call; but He returned me His own in token of His love. He called for the world, and I laid it at His Feet with the crowns thereof; I withheld them not at the beckoning of His Hand. But mark the benefit of the exchange;....For He gave me instead of earth, a Kingdom of eternal peace; and in lieu of the crowns of vanity, a crown of Glory. He gave me joy which no tongue can express and peace which passeth understanding. He gave me power to do wonders also and to keep His commandments through His Holy Spirit, and to walk in the paths of righteousness with joyful songs. I begged Himself and He gave me ALL..................