Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Fynn

One day I ask Fin for som sweet and Fin say no and I was sad and I cry som ters and I cry som ters to wash my eye window becaus my eye window was all dirty, dirty with greedy for sweets. And Fin did not say nothing and Fin piket me up and put me to a luking glas to see my face reflecshun and it was all funy like rain on a hows window. And I cud not see proper and then I stop the cry and see Fin Face reflecshun and it was all smilig. And so I smil too and then I see my eye sparklin becas I can see good. And then I see that Fin say no, becas he have got no mony, becas he give it all to Missus Barkr to buy som penuts to sell to get some mony to buy som food and I did not see good, becase I have got a dirty eye window and it was all splosht with greedy dirty.

Everybody has got a eye window and a hart window. Fin teech me how to clean my eye window and my hart window. And if you know Fin then you have got a very spechal Fin window. And this is very nice to have. If you take some dirt to Fin he say about it and make it like dimons and if you take to Fin a tram tiket he make it like a butefall but you have to be little inside or you can not see propre.

from "Anna's Book" by Fynn