Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Gene Edwards

When suffering comes your way, there is something you will certainly do: You will ask the Lord, "Why has this happened?" And there is something else almost as certain.

You will receive no answer.

If the "why" could be removed, dear brother, dear sister, most of the transforming power of the cross would disappear. The "why" factor of the cross is perhaps its sharpest, most effective, most deadly aspect. Remove the "why" factor of the cross and there really isn't much suffering involved in it. But of this you can be sure: You are fellowshipping in the sufferings of Christ!

If you would complain, remember that long before creation, something awful, even horrible had happened to the Godhead. Before He created eternity, before he created angels, or the heavens, or earth, or anything. . . He had already suffered more than any of us will ever suffer. He knew based on His own personal experience of it before creation! The Godhead accepted the fact that there would be the certainty of suffering in our universe. . . for Himself and for the most precious thing in the universe to Him. . . His wife. He knew, yet He was not turned back by that experiential knowledge. He calculated the enormity of that suffering, beheld the end result, and decided that it was all worth it! If any man questions that decision, that man should pause and remember just what experience of suffering Jesus Christ had in His life upon which He based His decision.

I was slain
Before the foundation
Of the world.

Taken from The Inward Journey by Gene Edwards