Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by John Collings

Faith is not something that makes sense to others. Following the reasonable path is only another law in disguise. God presses us to know Him in a unique way that He has set out for each to discover.

By reasonable, I mean the path that everyone expects you to take; the path that would be voted on by your friends and family. If we judge the way we should go by this kind of reason we miss hearing God. Yes, He does speak through friends and family, but it is Him we must listen to not simply the majority opinion. He will prove us to our ourselves when He us outside the realm of the expected and into His glorious unexpected; then we know we have heard Godís voice.

All people of faith have been tested by following a direction that is opposed to common sense and good advice. The law of being reasonable is known today as being "politically correct". Jesus wasnít politically correct, but he was the "Fulfillment" of the law. So are we the Fulfillment of the law who are in Christ Jesus.