Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by Norman P. Grubb

"You will be for me a kingdom of priests" - Exodus 19:6.

The highest vocation for which God has destined man has not changed through the centuries. When He was preparing a peculiar people to be His agent of world redemption, He told Moses that the true sign that He had sent him to rescue them from Egypt would be what He would say to them when they reached Mount Horeb. Evidently, therefore, the important point would be His commission to them. That would be the way they were to serve Him in the future. And what did He say to them? He reminded them of the way He had delivered them from their oppressors and brought them to Himself "on eagles' wings," to be His peculiar treasure (although His eye and heart were really on all peoples, for "all the earth is Mine"), and that His purpose was for them to be a "kingdom of priests" (Exodus 19:46).

Priests are not priests for their own benefit, but for others. Thus if the whole of Israel was to be a kingdom of priests, it could only have been as intercessors for a lost world. It was for that reason, doubtless, that when God gave them this calling He added the words, "for all the earth is Mine." Not a specially selected number to be priests among them, but all to be priests. That is of great significance. And not only priests, but "a kingdom of priests," called by Peter, when applying this statement to the church, "a royal priesthood."

- The Liberating Secret