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What are sins?
by Dan Stone

Sins are the fruit of a deeper "unseen" problem. Christ dying for you does not speak to the "unseen" problem of sin. We see our sins and think their point of origin is "us". But sins point of origin is Sin, and the sin problem is still with us. A forgiven past is all we have, with a hope for a forgiven future hanging in the balance. Every day we are one day further from the experience of being forgiven and one day deeper into the hope that it will be enough. We need more blessed assurance. We are told that He will supply all our needs and we need to know it's true. We have such trouble living the Christian life.

Evangelicals are falsely taught (and therefore, falsely teach) that Christ's death for us and our being forgiven will somehow apply to the problem of how to live the Christian life. But remember, forgiveness applies only to the past. When we try to apply Christ's dying for us to the living of the Christian life, it does not work. All that the Holy Spirit can teach us from this side of the Cross is our past sins are forgiven

In churches where this one truth is the sole revelation sermons sound like this. "Surely you've done something wrong this week. Surely you've committed sin. Even if you can't remember it, that's a sin of omission. You must admit it and God can forgive it." Consequently you are constantly being taken back to the Cross event and seeking to extract from it the way to live victoriously. But all you can get from this effort is the awareness you are still sinning.

Why do the people of our churches always end most prayers with a plea for the forgiveness of their sins, even the ones they don't remember? I wonder if the Holy Spirit revealed to them that they were sinning? Let's try an experiment. Let's not ask for forgiveness anymore, unless the Holy Spirit convicts us. I know some of our backgrounds will call that heresy, but the Holy Spirit is able to reveal to us when we blow it and in our spirit we will agree with Him, thank Him, and get on with the business of living. If the Holy Spirit hasn't prompted us, then we have not been prompted. (John 16:8:15)

from "Doublecross" by Dan Stone, Stone Printing Compnay